Entry and enrolment

Find out what you need to know to qualify for admission and enrol in INFOSYS 345.

Entry criteria

To qualify for admission you must have all the listed prerequisites:

  • For IS Stream: INFOSYS 220, 222 and 280 or COMPSCI 280 or equivalent
  • For OM Stream: BUSAN 200 and 201, or INFOMGT 290 and 292, or STATS 208 or 255, or OPSMGT 255 and 258
  • For your major: GPA around 4 or higher
  • Final enrolment is subject to course supervisor approval

Taking any of the courses listed above as co-requisites is not possible.

Please note:

  • In the case of IS stream candidates, INFOSYS 280 or COMPSCI 280 courses could be replaced by a proven track record in system development. We suggest that prior to starting the enrolment procedure (see below) you will contact the course staff to find out if that could be accepted.
  • Due to the nature of this course, we suggest taking INFOSYS 345 during your last year of studies at the university.
  • Due to the significant amount of work we also suggest limiting the number of courses taken on top of INFOSYS 345, especially during the second semester.

Enrolment procedure

The enrolment procedure for INFOSYS 345 emulates the processing of a real job application. This means:

  • Each candidate should send us their qualifications (copy of academic record and CV)
  • Each candidate must present themselves for an interview
  • Successful candidates will get an invitation to enrol under condition of accepting all the course regulations

This means that the enrolment procedure is entirely manual - do not use the University online enrolment system. The enrolment procedure begins after the publication of second semester results.

Time slots for interviews are set up individually with each candidate during the period from the end of the semester two to 15 February. The invitation to join the course will be sent shortly after the interview has been successfully passed.

If you have any questions regarding the enrolment do not hesitate to contacts us.