For future sponsors

As a sponsor of INFOSYS 345, you can expect genuine benefits in addition to supporting the education of our students.

The overall goal of this course is to solve a business problem related to operations management or to an information system, which at the end of the development process meets the needs of the organisation sponsoring the project. Also, we would like our students to:

  • Learn to work in a team with a minimum of outside supervision
  • Interact with end-users, successfully identifying and satisfying their requirements
  • Integrate coursework from several disciplines

The sponsoring organisation can expect genuine business benefits in return for a nominal cost, which should include an offer of a course sponsorship at the end of a successful project completion, determined by their customer satisfaction with the Business Project deliverables.

Current course sponsorship levels are:

  • Bronze sponsorship (for a donation of $4,000)
  • Silver sponsorship (for a donation of $6,000)
  • Gold sponsorship (for a donation of $10,000)
  • Diamond sponsorship (for a donation of $20,000)

About the project environment

The Sponsor Brief below outlines in detail the scope of benefits, associated commitments, obligations and expectations of the sponsoring organisation.

The sponsor provides a working space (desks with internet access for students), and a project contact/manager for the student team for the entire duration of the project.

A listing of sponsors and projects (from 1989) is available in our Resources section. If you are considering becoming a sponsor in the near future, read the Sponsor Brief and contact us with any related questions.