Information Systems

Research in information systems focuses on the management and use of information technology (IT) in organisations.

Innovations in digital technologies continue to drive productivity growth, but they can also disrupt markets and entire industries in an increasingly global and fast-paced business environment.

Our research looks for ways in which people can effectively understand, use and develop information technology, as well as the impact of IT on organisations and society in general.

Information systems research covers a wide range of topics:

  • Digital innovation - The creation, distribution and commercialisation of digital innovations, open innovation platforms, and their impact on organisations and society.
  • Data mining and big data - How huge amounts of data can now be extracted and analysed using cutting-edge business analysis tools.
  • The relationship between information systems and organisations - How IT impacts on organisational structure, culture and people.
  • Global outsourcing - How organisations can successfully outsource some of their IT capabilities.
  • Enterprise application integration - The integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and decision support systems.
  • Sustainability modelling and reporting systems - The analysis and development of enterprise systems that support sustainability.
  • Learning and teaching with technologies - How students and lecturers can increase their productivity through the design and use of new applications, tools, systems and methodologies.
  • Information technology in small developed countries - The relative success of the IT industries in New Zealand and other small developed countries.
  • Recreational computing - How information systems are used in non-work settings, including social networking, virtual communities, use of mobile devices and games.
  • Design science - Extending the capability of individuals and organisations in understanding problems and solutions through the creation of new and innovative artefacts including concepts, models, processes, frameworks, architectures and systems through which the analysis, design, implementation and application of information systems can be effectively and efficiently accomplished.
  • Online markets - Innovation, design, analysis and sustainability of B2B, B2C and C2C market platforms, incentives and strategies for participants and market makers.
  • Social media/networks - The role of social media/networks in commerce, government and society.

Researchers in information systems

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