Juncture: Dialogues on Inclusive Capitalism

Opening up a dialogue about the nature and practice of capitalism.

Inclusive Capitalism is an umbrella term adopted to include theories, perspectives, and practices from across disciplines that challenge core assumptions about the purpose of business and business paradigms.

Juncture: Dialogues on Inclusive Capitalism aims to open a dialogue about the nature and practice of capitalism in the round leading and contributing to world-class research, education, and outreach under this theme.

The Business School is uniquely positioned to act as critic and conscience of the wider premises on which Inclusive Capitalism is based, and act as an honest broker for enterprises and individuals who seek to engage authentically with the challenges underpinning the theme.

Our Centre will partner across the University of Auckland and with its communities (business, government, iwi, and students). Our researchers will critically interrogate the premises on which Inclusive Capitalism and related topics, and the wider shifts in business, are based, recognising the challenges inherent in paradigm change through shifting capitalism as an existing ontology.

Our Centre will be distinctive in its focus on Inclusive Capitalism within a uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand context. It will explore the relevance of Inclusive Capitalism for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Inclusive Capitalism will be informed by a Te Ao Māori perspective with a shared exploration of a long-term perspective as a means for enterprises to benefit people and planet, that is being put in practice by post-settlement Māori enterprises.

Our Centre aligns authentically with fundamental and shared New Zealand values around inclusion and fairness. The Aotearoa New Zealand focus will benefit our immediate communities, while distinguishing our approach on a global stage. The Centre will act as a catalyst for work on Inclusive Capitalism, which has the potential to change the focus of business research, public policy, practice, and education in a fundamental and rigorously research-informed way.