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The University of Auckland Guide to Theses and Dissertations

This document is a general guide to the presentation and submission of theses and dissertations and contains additional information about related policies and procedures. Your department may also have their own guidelines and requirements so you must consult your supervisor from the outset.

The latest guide is available from the University of Auckland's Theses and dissertations website.

PhD theses

Listed below are theses completed by past students, including title and the name of the supervisor involved.


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Jennifer Young Proposed research area is consumer behaviour. More specifically the topic will centre on understanding underlying motivations regarding food purchasing. Denise Conroy


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Nina Brosius Shifting Personal Brandscapes: Young Sojourners' Consumer Acculturation' Karen Fernandez
Ilaisaane Fifita The role of self-construal in developing resistant consumer identities Karen Fernandez
Sokkha Tuy An Examination of Consumer's Awkward Service Experiences (ASEs) Laszlo Sajtos


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Andrew Zhu Understanding Reciprocity in Chinese Social Media: Examining the Influence of Social Capital and Emotion on Reciprocal Behaviour Rod Brodie


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Linda Hollebeek Demystifying 'Brand Usage Engagement' in Social Networking Contexts: Conceptualisation, Scale Development & Validation Rod Brodie
Yuri Seo Luxury Brands in Consumer Lives: Conceptualising and Exploring the Consumption of Luxury Brand Meanings Margo Buchanan-Oliver
Amabel Hunting A Creator's Life: The Middle Way Approach to Living Sustainably Denise Conroy
Angela Cruz Counterfeit Crossings: How Acculturating Immigrants Negotiate Paradox in the Consumption and Performance of Culture Margo Buchanan-Oliver
Vanisha Narsey Peeling Back the Curtain: Exploring the brand backstory Karen Fernandez


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Sandra Dawn Bennett Brand Stories: A Narrative Approach to Exploring the Service Brand Experience within an Organisation Margo Buchanan-Oliver
Sandra Bulmer Brands and the Construction of National Identity Margo Buchanan-Oliver
Hounaida El Jurdi Problem & Solution Framing Karen Fernandez
Rick Starr Videographic Research from the First-Person Perspective: An Exploration of Authenticity Karen Fernandez