International business

Academic staff conduct research in the discipline of international business and research that links to other disciplines such as economic geography, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, innovation, management, political science, strategy and innovation.

Faculty members have earned their PhD degree in various countries, including Australia, Chile, Denmark, New Zealand and the US.  Most staff are either bilingual or multilingual.

Researchers investigate international business activities in the context of continents and regions such as Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and South East Asia. Countries and groups of countries that served as the context of some research projects are BRICs, Chile, China, emerging markets, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, small advanced economies and the US. Multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), clusters and networks serve as the units of analysis.

Research conducted by faculty members includes (but
is not limited to):

  • Foreign direct investment (and its spill-overs and host country effects)
  • Entry modes
  • Capital mobility, international finance, finance policy and property
  • International competitiveness
  • Business networks and business-government relationships
  • International entrepreneurship and cooperation (both regional and inter-firm)
  • Business responses to climate change
  • Slavery in developed economies
  • Worker exploitation and migrant worker exploitation
  • Companies' internationalisation strategies and activities
  • Strategic and International human resources management
  • Multinational corporations’ organisational design and people strategies
  • Talent management in small advanced economies and their companies

Researchers in international business

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