Commercial property markets

Find out about our research capabilities in commercial property markets, and who to contact for further details.

Research into commercial property markets traverses a wide and varied range of topics including corporate property management and investment, property valuation and investment, sustainability, market analysis, property development and marketing.

The Department of Property’s research in this sphere currently encompasses:

  • Client influence on valuations - How corporate clients can affect the outcome of valuation reports
  • The property investment strategies of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - How SMEs invest and utilise property through the lifecycle of their enterprises
  • Lease terms and valuation issues - How leases affect property values and rental returns
  • The effect of sustainability on corporate real estate investment strategy - How corporate behaviour is changing in real estate due to rising concerns with environmental sustainability
  • Options-pricing theory and development patterns for offices and retail space - For example, rent-price relationships and supply forecasting
  • Land-bidding strategies and optimal land selling mechanisms - How agents try to maximise prices for properties

Researchers in commercial property markets