Study policies and guidelines

The Department of Property follows specific practices and university policies, all of which are strictly observed by the department and its staff.

Group projects

In some courses students will be required to work on group projects. All group work must comply with the University of Auckland regulations. The number of students in each group will not normally exceed four. The lecturer will establish assessment criteria for group projects so as to assess individual contributions to the project.

Each student's work will be assessed on an individual basis and the total marks allocated will not exceed 25% of the overall percentage of the course.

Examinations instructions and regulations

The University Calendar details regulations relating to examinations and covers the following:

  • Materials permitted
  • Misconduct
  • Missed examinations
  • Written tests
  • Theses and dissertations

Visit University Calendar Office examinations.

Student Services Online

Students will be able to access learning resources and assignment, test and exam results for their courses using Student Services Online. Students should check their course sites regularly for messages from lecturers.

Visit Student Services Online

Purchasing prescribed and recommended texts

The Department of Property recommends that students wait until the first day of the semester before purchasing any textbooks. Lecturers will instruct students as to prescribed and recommended reading.

Handing in assignments and granting of extensions

The lecturer for each assignment or report will give a specific hand-in date. All completed assignments must be handed in to the Assignment Room on Level 0 of the Sir Owen G Glenn Building before 4pm (unless another time is given) on the date specified.

Assignments handed in up to three teaching days (or weekdays during a mid-semester break or study/exam period) late will automatically lose 20% of the total marks possible.

Assignments handed in more than three days late and up to one week late will automatically lose 50% of the total marks possible. Assignments handed in more than one week after the specified hand-in date and time will receive no marks. These penalties also apply for staged hand-ins.

Students who are ill and miss the hand-in date must produce a doctor's certificate and the decision not to deduct penalty marks will rest with the Head of Department. Applications for extensions require that students complete a formal application form (available from the Departmental Office) that is assessed by the Head of Department. No extensions will be granted without a medical certificate; or, if the student applies for an extension, more than one week after the hand-in date.

Extensions will be considered where a student has experienced a serious personal misadventure or a death in the immediate family.

It is the personal responsibility of each student to keep secure copies of all their assignments and reports. As a sensible precaution to theft or computer breakdown, you should regularly back up electronic documents and store them safely.

No extensions will be granted for problems such as accidentally erased computer files, which should always be prevented by keeping backup copies.

Additional information

More information to help you make the most of your time at the University is contained in our Current students section.