Assistance for SMEs

The Business School appreciates that a huge range of exciting career opportunities are offered by SMEs, who make up the vast majority of companies in New Zealand.

The Student Development and Engagement team

Our team works closely with business students, encouraging them to consider all their options and exposing them to as many career pathways as possible.

Our students and recent graduates are adaptable and motivated, with an enquiring and entrepreneurial mindset. They add diversity and a fresh perspective to an organisation.  

Historically SMEs have not been very visible at on-campus events. If intern or graduate recruitment is on your hiring agenda, or you’re interested in meeting future talent, we can help connect you to business students and recent graduates. We welcome you to join us for a range of engagement events at the Business School, many of which are free for you to participate in.

Find out more - get in touch with Simône Regan, Employer Liaison Manager: