Marketing Strategy (MKTG 301) capstone project

In the final year of their Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree, students majoring in Marketing work in teams of 4-5 on an applied strategic marketing capstone project.

How does the project work?

  1. The student teams decide on which industry and businesses they feel most passionate about and embark on a strategic internal and external marketing analysis of the company and the broader sector. Student teams then identify and recommend three key strategic decisions they believe would be best for the company.
  2. All project topics must have a strategic marketing focus.
  3. The student teams are expected to work independently on the strategic marketing project between 5-10 hours per week. During this period, student teams gather and analyse information and recommend strategies and actions to help the company move forward.
  4. The company does not have to host the student teams. However, companies are expected to meet student teams 2-3 times during the 12 week semester, and provide information to assist the student teams where practicable.
  5. Student findings are written up in a two-page report summarising three key strategic recommendations. Reports are also delivered to the academic staff as a 10 minute presentation and a one-panel poster. The best team projects are invited to present their poster at the final week Marketing Strategy showcase at The University of Auckland Business School.
  6. Companies may independently invite their student team to present their project and poster to the company at a time and location convenient for all parties. All companies gain access to the customised two-page executive summary of strategic recommendations.

About MKTG 301

Marketing Strategy (MKTG 301) involves an integrated capstone experience fostering student-centred learning. The paper develops knowledge in how to analyse, implement and evaluate marketing strategies and nurtures a strong appreciation for how marketing connects and relates to other business disciplines.

Is my company right for the project?

Companies from any industry may be a good candidate to participate in the MKTG 301 capstone project. While being based in Auckland may make things easier in terms of meeting with students, companies in other parts of New Zealand (or abroad) may be able to meet via online video conferencing (Skype, Zoom etc).

Responsibilities for a participating company include meeting with the student team 2-3 times during the semester for consultation and Q&A sessions, and having a representative(s) available to attend the poster event in week 12 should their student team qualify for the event.

Learn more

If you are interested in being part of the MKTG 301 capstone project or have any further questions, please contact on of the Course Coordinators:

Herbert Sima
Professional Teaching Fellow

Mike Lee
Associate Professor