Development priorities

We believe that for New Zealand to prosper in a rapidly changing world, a radically different mindset is needed.

Responding proactively to a new world

The world is being reshaped by irresistible forces, including ubiquitous new technologies, demographic change, and a shift in the gravitational centre of the global economy toward Asia. As a powerful agent for change, business education has an important role to play in developing this forward-thinking mindset.

We generate insights through our engagement with ideas and knowledge. As we question today's practices we help generate tomorrow's answers. As we make a difference to business practices we improve business outcomes, and ultimately the wealth and prosperity of the communities in which these businesses are embedded.

The role of the Business School

The University of Auckland Business School is committed to developing graduates, knowledge, and ideas to sustainably grow the productivity and international competitiveness of New Zealand. We recognise that to do this we must create a learning environment that encourages and equips our students to harness the power of the imagination to create innovative new products and services, builds their capability to increase our engagement with Asia, and prepares them to meet the challenge of digital disruption.

The future is in the hands of this nation's youth, many of the brightest and most creative of whom we are privileged to educate. Our task is to empower them, give them the right tools, and let them get on with the job.