How to find a job

Workshops to help you: My LinkedIn | Networking and job search strategies

My LinkedIn

Tips on how to develop and improve your profile.

In class you will be taken through the important elements of a LinkedIn profile. We will discuss how to configure social media accounts to present a professional image to potential employers and maximize your opportunities. 

Workshops in Semester One

  • Tuesday, 5 March, 12-1pm, 260-223, Register
  • Thursday, 14 March, 1-2pm, 260-223, Register
  • Wednesday, 20 March, 1-2pm, 260-317, Register
  • Monday, 22 April, 1-2pm, 260-317, Register

Networking and job search strategies

Wondering how to find a part-time job, internship or graduate role? Learn networking and job search strategies to identify potential employers and the tools you need in your job search process. Networking is one of the key strategies for a successful career. It sounds scary but it's easier than you think.

Workshops in Semester One

  • Thursday, 7 March, 12-1pm, 260-223, Register
  • Wednesday, 20 March, 11am-12pm, 260-317, Register
  • Monday,  22 April, 2-3pm, 260-317, Register
  • Wednesday, 1 May, 1-2pm, 260-317, Register