Explore majors and personal development

Workshops that will help you identify where your major may lead, how to identify and promote your personal brand and employability skills, foster your resilience and enhance your time management.

Employability skills

Employability skills are the skills and capabilities that make you more likely to gain employment. To be competitive you need to show employers you have the skills they require. Find out how to further develop your skills and effectively and convincingly describe them in your job application and an interview.

Workshops in Semester One, 2020

  • Thursday, 19 March, 2-3pm, 260.317, Register
  • Wednesday, 1 July, 11am-12pm, 260.325, Register

Jump-start your new job

To make a good impression at your workplace you need to understand New Zealand employer expectations; effectively showcase your people and teamwork skills; understand your employment agreement and be aware of your rights and responsibilities. This workshop is suitable for anyone undertaking work for an organisation (permanent job, short-term project, part-time work, internship or voluntary).

Workshops in Semester One, 2020

  • Tuesday, 31 March, 11am-12pm, 260.317, Register
  • Wednesday, 13 May, 12-1pm, 260.317, Register
  • Tuesday, 30 June, 1-30-2.30pm, 260.325, Register

My personal brand. What is it?

We think of a brand as something companies have, but today individuals also have a personal brand—it’s how other people see you. This workshop will look at how you can identify what your brand is and then promote it.

Workshops in Semester One, 2020

  • Monday, 23 March, 12-1pm, 260.317, Register
  • Wednesday, 6 May, 9-10am, 260.321, Register
  • Wednesday, 1 July, 10-11am, 260.325, Register

Resilience strategies

When stuff happens how do you deal with it? Gain tips on how to be positive in a quickly changing environment and how to manage your wellbeing with a variety of techniques, including mindfulness.

Workshops in Semester One, 2020

  • Friday, 27 March, 10-11am, 260.317, Register
  • Tuesday, 12 May, 11am-12pm, 260.317, Register
  • Tuesday, 30 June, 12.30-1.30pm, 260.325, Register

Time management strategies

Struggling to fit everything in? Want to be able to manage multiple demands on your time? Come to this session to learn strategies for managing your time effectively.

Workshops in Semester One, 2020

  • Monday, 4 May, 1-2pm, 260.317, Register
  • Wednesday, 1 July, 3.30-4.30pm, 260.325, Register

What can I do with my major?

Not sure what major to take or what to do after your degree? This workshop will provide you with information and tools to aid your decision making. During this workshop in a computer lab, you will explore a variety of online career resources.

Workshops in Semester One, 2020

  • Friday, 6 March, 2-3pm, Lab 3 (260.012), Register
  • Tuesday, 10 March, 9-10am, Lab 3 (260.012), Register
  • Tuesday, 30 June, 11am-12pm, Lab 5 (260.016), Register