Economics explains the shifting variables of a dynamic world in which people’s energy and effort circulate in complex forms and patterns that are expressed and measured in terms of numbers and money.

Where can Economics take you?

Studying economics is a pathway to productive and rewarding work in corporations, small and medium enterprises in the private sector, or public sector organisations. A postgraduate qualification opens up further opportunities.

Potential roles include:

  • Consultant to commercial banks or financial institutions
  • Analyst for the Reserve Bank, Treasury, government departments, consulting firms or research institutes
  • Trade policy adviser
  • International trade consultant
  • International business manager
  • Financial market analyst
  • Trade negotiator for New Zealand at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva or in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) in Wellington
  • Adviser for a NGO (non-governmental organisation)
  • Economics expert in a management consulting firm

Useful online resources

Careers New Zealand

Information on training, job prospects, pay scales and opportunities to be an economist.
Visit Careers New Zealand

Occupation Outlook

Occupation Outlook is a great tool for exploring study and career options, with extensive information on labour supply and demand in over 100 occupations in New Zealand. It outlines how to enter each role, how many are studying in related fields, how many are employed, and what the average incomes are. It also outlines the prospects of getting a job in that occupation once you have the necessary qualifications.

New Zealand Association of Economists (NZAE)

This website contains contact and membership information, vacancies, council members, membership profiles and details of NZAE conference proceedings.
Visit New Zealand Association of Economists (NZAE)

NZ Institute of Economic Research

NZIER is an independent economic consultancy whose website provides information and publications on all economic matters in NZ. Independence and promoting better outcomes for all New Zealanders are the driving force behind the Institute.
Visit NZ Institute of Economic Research

NZ Society of Actuaries

The professional body that ensures that work performed by actuaries in New Zealand meets internationally recognised professional standards.
Visit NZ Society of Actuaries

The University of Auckland Economics Group

This is a student-run organisation for people who are interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of economics.
Visit The University of Auckland Economics Group