Finance can be used to understand the stock market, the financing of companies, financial contracts, decision-making by firms, and portfolio choice.

Where can Finance take you?

When you graduate, you could become an investment banker, merchant banker, corporate banker, merger and acquisition specialist, corporate finance specialist, treasury specialist, stockbroker or a financial analyst.

Useful online resources

Careers New Zealand

Information on training, job prospects, pay scales and opportunities for working in finance
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Inside Careers

Inside Careers specialises in finance careers in the UK. You’ll find information on the following career sectors: actuaries, insurance, pensions, investment banking, chartered accountancy, tax and management consultancy
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Occupation Outlook

Occupation outlook is a great tool for exploring study and career options, with extensive information on labour supply and demand in over 100 occupations in New Zealand. It outlines how to enter each role, how many are studying in related fields, how many are employed, and what the average incomes are. It also outlines the prospects of getting a job in that occupation once you have the necessary qualifications.
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Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand (INFINZ)

INFINZ is the member-based industry body for professionals working and participating in New Zealand's wholesale finance and capital markets.
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Auckland Microfinance Initiative

The Auckland Microfinance Initiative (AMI) is a student-led, charitable organisation that is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of empowering young people and giving back.
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Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organisation for Accounting, Finance and Informations Systems students and professionals.
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SavY aims to promote good financial habits in all young people, regardless of their backgrounds or their aspirations in life.
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University of Auckland Investment Club (UAIC)

The UAIC gets students involved in and excited about investing. The club hosts workshops and events with high-profile guest speakers from finance and banking.
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