Know your rights

When you take on work in New Zealand, whether paid or voluntary, you have basic legal rights that make sure you're safe at work and your employer treats you well.

Legal protection

Your rights are protected by law under various acts of Parliament, including the Human Rights Act, the New Zealand Bill of Rights, the Employer Relations Act, the Health and Safety in Employment Act, the Privacy Act and several more. These acts cover:

You can get more detailed information from a range of organisations including:

Health and Safety

When you enter a new workplace, whether for a short workplace experience or a longer internship, safety is paramount. It’s important to begin with a good understanding of both your responsibilities and your rights so that you know what to do if you do encounter an unsafe situation. The onus isn’t all on you: your employer has a responsibility to care for you as well. They are expected to do their best to provide a safe work environment where you can thrive in your role.

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