Where to look for a job

Organisations look to recruit new interns and graduates every year. You can start your job search by regularly reading BizStudent Update, subscribing to email alerts and looking at job advertisements every day.

Advertised jobs

You probably know about some of the places employers advertise jobs, but do make sure you've got all the bases covered and are keeping an eye on all of them.

  • A comprehensive list of the places you'll find jobs advertised is available at Careers New Zealand. You can search general and industry specific job vacancy websites, student and graduate sites, sites for migrants and a voluntary work section.
  • Develop a list of organisations you would like to work for and regularly check their websites. 
  • Many organisations run presentations and workshops here on campus to help you learn more about their business, the opportunities available and how to apply. These events are advertised in BizStudent Update.

Student and graduate job search websites (NZ)

Unadvertised jobs

There is more to looking for jobs than searching job advertisements and applying to graduate schemes. It is estimated that almost half of all jobs are never actually advertised. To find out how to crack this "invisible" job market visit How to find a job: The invisible job market.

Graduate recruitment schemes

Many major employers run graduate recruitment schemes every year. Some employ only one or two graduates a year, others hire dozens.

Most of these organisations come direct to the Business School Careers Centre and we advertise them in BizStudent Update which is emailed to you weekly. Some also advertise through MyCDES. Many run presentations, information evenings and skills workshops here on campus to help you make a good application and learn about their business.

Graduate scheme application tips

When applying for graduate schemes, there are a couple of important things to remember:

  • Don't be disheartened if everyone you know is applying and competing with you for these jobs. Only graduates can apply, so there are probably fewer applicants for these jobs than others you see advertised on Seek, etc.
  • When you attend employer presentations or workshops, you're not just finding out about them. They're finding out about you too. Dress smartly and do some preparation. Read about them online. Think of good questions to ask. Be ready to tell them what you're good at and why you'd like to work for them.

International jobs

  • Business School student career platform
    The Business School Careers Centre has collaborated with EFMD Global Network to offer you your very own career platform, connecting you with global internship and graduate positions from companies around the world including Daimler, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Bayer and Amazon, among others.
  • United Nations Careers
    Internships available throughout the United Nations.

Have you found a job?

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