Diversity and Inclusion Week 2022

This event took place between Monday 19 - Thursday 22 September 2022.

This year, we are raising awareness and education on a diverse range of topics which are situated under equity. Students and staff joined us for a jam-packed week of learning, celebration, and connection.

Events overview

Date Event Time
Monday 19 September Suffrage Day panel: Closing the gap
Tuesday 20 September Universal Design for learning: In
your teaching

Tuesday 20 September A ‘Slice of Heaven’ in Aotearoa today
Wednesday 21 September Insights from Dr Guillermo Merelo
Thursday 22 September Educational session: Why isn’t my professor Māori or Pasifika?
Thursday 22 September
Taste the Rainbow (Business)
Thursday 22 September Business School Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2022 2-4pm

Monday 19 September

Suffrage Day panel: Closing the gap

Facilitator: Professor Christine Woods
Panelists: Dr Suzy Morrissey and Dellwyn Stuart
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Online via Zoom

In this panel discussion, Dr Suzy Morrissey will speak on gender in policy and the impact of social and cultural norms (and some policies!) on the gender pensions gap. She will talk about a gender analysis tool called ‘Bringing Gender In’, developed by The Ministry of Women, to help public servants understand the impact of introducing or changing policies will have on women.

Dellwyn Stuart will then discuss where Aotearoa sits internationally on pay discrimination and what can be done to close the gaps. Dellwyn will give an update on the Mind the Gap campaign and what you can do to help, including busting some myths around pay gaps and talking about the real-life impacts of not closing them.

The online discussion will be facilitated by Professor Christine Woods, the Theresa Gattung Chair for Women in Entrepreneurship and the Associate Dean of Equity in the University of Auckland Business School. 

This event is proudly supported by University of Auckland Women in Business.

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Tuesday 20 September

Universal Design for Learning: In your teaching

Facilitator: Emma Sadera
Time: 12-1.30pm (12-1pm workshop followed by light lunch)
Location: Decima Glenn Room

We are privileged to teach students from increasingly diverse backgrounds. However, being responsive to our students’ needs and experiences means that we need to regularly reflect on how we teach, and what we are doing in our teaching approaches to ensure equity and inclusivity. This is especially true in the case of assessment, which is often a pivotal experience for learners in determining what ‘success’ will look like for them; indeed it has been suggested that this gives us an ‘ethical imperative’ to reconsider how we teach and assess, in order not to reinforce existing inequities (Hanesworth et al, 2019).

In this workshop facilitated by Emma Sadera, we will consider some inclusive teaching practices, including how we can implement the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into our teaching. We will explore the role that such inclusivity can have on improving learning outcomes for students, and focus on how we can make our assessment practices more inclusive and equitable.

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A ‘Slice of Heaven’ in Aotearoa today

Facilitators: Rev Dr Tim Pratt and Professor Christine Woods
Panelists: Simon Harrison, Stephen Lowe, Leonard Bloksberg, Muhammed Shaakir Ismail, Bhai Verpal Singh
Location: 260-325 or Online via Zoom
Time: 6-7.30pm (6-7pm seminar followed by light refreshments)

Since the 1980’s, the global diaspora has seen a wealth of religious and spiritual expression arrive on the shores of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Yet, many of us understand so little of the beliefs, practices and worldview of cultures beyond those in which we were raised. Cultural and religious bias can unintentionally be inherited, leading to prejudice, and animosity towards foreign belief systems. Sadly, this has caused great suffering and harm across generations. Facilitated by Professor Christine Woods (Theresa Gattung Chair in Women in Entrepreneurship) and Rev Dr Tim Pratt (Maclaurin Chapel) this event is focussed on creating awareness, dialogue and peace building. We bring together senior leaders from four diverse faith based communities – Buddhism, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikhism. Each speaker will share a ten minute overview of their core beliefs, customs and values, followed by discussion and refreshments.

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Wednesday 21 September

Insights from Dr Guillermo Merelo: Associate Director of Staff Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Facilitator: Dr Guillermo Merelo
Location: Decima Glenn Room or Online via Zoom
Time: 11.30am-1pm (11.30am-12.30pm seminar followed by light lunch)

This session will focus on the importance of shared language around workplace diversity, equity and inclusion, its evolution across history internationally and in New Zealand, and some of the challenges faced by people and organisations.

With a strong background in public management and public policy, Dr Guillermo Merelo has worked as a senior public officer, columnist, lecturer and academic researcher in Latin America, Europe and New Zealand. He is a published author on integration and inclusion. His academic work revolves around the value of migrants’ integration processes into their receiving societies. He is also an HR specialist with more than 20 years of experience in talent management, organisational development and change. During his career, he has been Executive Director of People and Culture at the Electoral Commission in Mexico and Head of Research and Innovation at Diversity Works New Zealand. Brought up in a family of strong women and being a member of the LGBTIAQ+ community, Guillermo truly cherishes diversity, and he is convinced that diverse workplaces have the potential to foster understandings of the self and others, unleash organisational potential and make this a better world.

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Thursday 22 September

Educational session: Why isn’t my professor Māori or Pasifika?

Facilitator: Professor Carla Houkamau
Panelists: Dr Tara McAllister (Te Aitanga ā Māhaki, Ngāti Porou) and Dr Sereana Naepi
Location: Online via Zoom
Time: 10-11am

All of New Zealand’s eight universities have policies and strategic frameworks relating to Māori students and academic staff. Most refer to acknowledging the Treaty of Waitangi, validating the importance of Māori leadership, and integrating te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori into the syllabus. Yet these policies, which use the language of inclusion for under-represented groups, including Pasifika, fall well short of the goals and principles they publicly endorse. In the paper, Why isn't my professor Māori? and Why isn't my professor Pasifika? Dr Tara McAllister and Dr Sereana Naepi address these shortcomings and challenge New Zealand's universities to move beyond tokenistic attempts at "inclusion" and "diversity", and to begin dismantling the structures that continue to marginalise Māori and Pacific people.  

The session will be facilitated by Professor Carla Houkamau. It will explore the impetus and impact of Tara and Sereana's research, the need for systematic change to address the dearth of Māori and Pasifika scholars in Aotearoa/New Zealand and how Universities can genuinely address their obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  

This event is proudly supported by Te Mana Pakihi and Commerce o’ Pasifika.

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Taste the Rainbow (Business)

Time: 12.30-1.30pm 
Location: Level 6 Social Bridge

Rainbow Business is excited to bring you Taste the Rainbow (Business) in OGGB. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow students and staff, grab free food and drink, and be a part of Diversity and Inclusion Week at the Business School. Whether you are LGBTQIA+ identifying or an ally, everyone is welcome. 

This event is proudly supported by Rainbow Business.

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Business School Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2022

Time: 2-4pm
Location: Decima Glenn Room

Join us in celebrating staff and students who are actively contributing to an area of equity in either the University of Auckland Business School community or wider community. The Business School Equity Champions will be announced by the Associate Dean of Equity, Christine Woods amongst light refreshments.

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If you have any questions about these events, please contact Tyla Pearse.