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Fostering the implementation of evidence-based practices to improve health outcomes.

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Our mission and goals

Our group helps healthcare providers develop practical, implementable solutions to some of their toughest, high-impact problems.

The concept

The concept of embedded research builds on the best practices of industry-academia collaborations worldwide. It rests on the following key success factors:

  • An "embedded researcher" learning the problem not only from the literature but also through active participation in the organization's routine improvement efforts.
  • Funding from the organization and/or government that enables attracting a highly talented, motivated individual as a PhD student who will devote years of their life to becoming a world-class expert on a given problem.
  • A strong cross-disciplinary team of academics passionate about improving care delivery, who jointly contributed to tens of applied projects in different countries.

Value proposition

The process focuses on delivering various benefits to the stakeholders as follows:

  • Healthcare providers obtain the expertise enabling significant improvements in care delivery in some of the most problematic areas.
  • The PhD student is not only funded during their study but, quite commonly, continues their career with the hosting organization as a researcher/scientist.
  • Participating academics conduct not only impactful research but also enjoy more research outcomes because funding enables bringing high-caliber PhD students who can fully devote themselves to research.