Research Ideas Worth Funding I

28 October 2021

Watch the Zoom webinar recording.

The event consisted of four-minute presentations by leading researchers across disciplines of the University of Auckland Faculties of Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS), Business and Economics, and the Faculty of Arts COMPASS Research Centre.

Please refer to the programme below and feel free to get in touch with the presenters or the Beacon and follow up where you see immediate links and possibilities for collaboration.

John Parsons, FMHS Nursing Past and present collaborations with the Business School and potential future opportunities
Amy Chan
FMHS, Pharmacy
Digital health, behaviour change and working with big data
Barry Milne, Arts COMPASS Impact of chronic health conditions on families across the life-course
Claris Chung, FMHS Population Health & David Sundaram, Business School Information Systems & Operations Management SHARP approach towards developing health and wellness systems
Cynthia Wensley
FMHS, Nursing
Development of a multi-dimensional instrument for measuring patient comfort in acute care settings
Hakkan Lai, FMHS Population Health Research opportunities with the largest contemporary cohort study in Aotearoa
Jennifer Weller, FMHS Medicine NetworkZ: a national, simulation-based multidisciplinary in-situ team training programme for healthcare teams in Aotearoa
Jo Barnes
FMHS, Pharmacy
Consumer use, access and behaviour relating to herbal and traditional medicines and other 'natural health products'/'complementary medicines'/dietary
Julie Harrison
Business School, Accounting and Finance
The development of casemix in HBSS (home-based support services)
Karen Day
FMHS, Population Health
Workplace wellbeing 'It's your channel': An exploratory action research study in the emergency department setting
Laszlo Sajtos
Business School, Marketing
Overcoming barriers to technology use in health care
Natalie Walker
FMHS, Population Health
Dangerous consumptions - a dollar each way: A perfect partnership between public health, business and marketing
Nataly Martini
FMHS, Pharmacy
The use of technology in medication management and how it affects the way patients and health professionals engage with healthcare
Paul Rouse, Business School Accounting & Finance A multi-level performance framework application to hospitals
Robert MacCulloch
Business School, Economics
Well-being economics
Rosemary Frey, FMHS Nursing Lecturers' and students' reflections on the use of Zoom VCT in the wake of Covid-19
Shane Scahill
FMHS, Pharmacy
Organisational/management theory applied to the pharmacy practice context
Tava Olsen
Business School, Information Systems and Operations Management
Emergency Department models, metrics, and incentives
Vanessa Burholt
FMHS, Nursing
Ideas for collaboration that fit under the umbrella of a Centre for Co-created Ageing Research

If you have any questions, please email Business School Special Research Projects Manager Christiane Rupp.