Research beacons

The University of Auckland Business School offers three research beacons, which provide multi-faceted platforms for research-based engagement with stakeholders.

Future of work and organisations

“This beacon brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines, including organizational behaviour, economics, operations and supply chain, technology, education, innovation, finance and law. We pursue research questions that include the psychological, economic, sociological and legal implications of alternative ways of working, inequality in opportunity and its’ implications for organisations, technology-mediated changes in work, and the changing needs and role of skills.” Professor Elizabeth George

Health and well-being

“There is unprecedented demand for multi-disciplinary work in the field of health and well-being, which combines medicine, both physical and mental, as well as health management and psychological aspects of the social sciences. Our work in this domain is inspired by the notion of co-creation of policy frameworks and public-policy debates, on the basis of solid empirical research.” Professor Robert MacCulloch

Responsible business

“We see the future of business and management as an engagement of scholars around ‘grand societal challenges’ through various analytical lenses. Responsibility conceptualised through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals offers not only an ambitious to-do list, but also a framework to reconnect the economy with society and the biosphere, and redraft business strategy.” Professor Rudolf R Sinkovics