DECIDE Lab rules

The rules for experiments in the DECIDE Lab are as follows.

  1. In order to participate in experiments conducted in the lab you need to register online. By registering for experiments, you indicate your intention to take part in experiments conducted by researchers in the faculty.
  2. For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will get an invitation email. Only the invited persons have the right to take part in the experiment.
  3. If you get an email which invites you to participate in a particular experiment, you should send a positive response to indicate your interest and availability to participate.
  4. For each experiment, an excess number of participants will be invited. The first invited persons arriving at the experiment's location will participate. However, it is common practice among experimenters that all persons who were invited and arrived on time receive a "show-up" fee, regardless of whether they were admitted for participation or not.
  5. An experimental session can be cancelled for a number of reasons. If you registered for a session that was cancelled, and the cancellation notification was emailed to you less than two hours prior to the original starting time and because of that you did not know it was cancelled and you showed up in the lab, you will still receive your show-up fee.
  6. In many experiments participants have an opportunity to earn some amount of money. However, the exact amounts will vary for different individuals because earnings depend on their individual decisions and, sometimes, decisions of other participants and an element of chance.
  7. All invited persons consenting to participate in an experiment will be asked to sign an Informed Consent form before the beginning of an experiment. However, even after signing the form each participant is free to leave at any moment without having to provide any explanations.
  8. During an experiment, each participant must act upon the rules stated by the experimentalists in the instructions. Persons failing to follow the rules will be asked to leave the lab and will not receive any compensation except for the "show-up" fee.
  9. No payments will be made until the experimental session is over.
  10. To ensure that only those people who have been invited and who positively answered to the invitation email take part in the experiment, participants are asked to provide proof of their identity. People failing to provide such will not receive the show up payment and will not participate.
  11. Therefore, by registering for laboratory experiments, you agree with the following statements:

I have been informed that if I do not turn up or turn up late for an experiment I have been enrolled for, this may lead to the experiment having to be cancelled with "show-up" payments made to the participants who arrived on time. I am aware that I can be made liable for these costs unless I notify people administering the experiment at least six hours before the experiment.

I understand that any kind of disruptive behavior during an experimental session, not showing up for an experiment or failing to properly notify my inability to participate will be considered a disrespect to the researchers conducting the study and to other participants, and I may not be allowed to participate in future experiments conducted in the laboratory.