Indonesian language classes

Learning the Indonesian language, or Bahasa Indonesia, opens the door to talking with more than 250 million people in Southeast Asia.

Indonesian is widely understood in both Indonesia and Malaysia, where the national language is Malay, a closely related language. Both countries are important to New Zealand, with well-established and growing links in tourism, business and education as well as a range of social and cultural connections.

NZAI, in cooperation with AUT Indonesia Centre, offers Indonesian language courses for adult learners twice a year. The courses are for people with a range of prior exposure to Indonesian, from those who are absolute beginners to those who have some familiarity with the language. We provide a follow-on stream for those who have taken our beginners’ course. The classes are run by two experienced Indonesian tutors, Carissa Paramita and Nelly Martin, who have qualifications from universities in Indonesia and Australia.

The course introduces the core language required to get around and interact with Indonesian speakers, with further topics for more advanced students. Topics include:

  • Introductions and getting to know someone
  • Describing what you want
  • Eating and shopping
  • Meetings and making plans
  • Invitations and refusals
  • Etiquette in informal and business situations

Duration: 1.5 hours per week over six-week period

Our next classes will be announced in 2020.

Please note: The Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (SEA CAPE) offers a $150 grant-in-aid to all students who complete the course satisfactorily and have not taken this course at the same level previously. To apply, please ask for an application form in class and submit a short statement at the conclusion of the course. For more information about this grant, contact Lai Ching Tan,