Past research

Research activities conducted by the New Zealand Asia Institute (NZAI) from 2002-2018.

The New Zealand Asia Institute has completed the following research projects:

  • Understanding Asian Youth in the “Asian Century”: Nationalism, Internationalism, and Materialism
  • New Zealand catch reconstruction
  • Innovation and market positioning in the seafood industry
  • The Mekong sub-region: Economic growth and community construction
  • New Zealand, Korea and Asia-Pacific: From Distance to Closeness (2012)
  • Resilience: Japan and New Zealand Moving Forward (2012)
  • The South Pacific Agenda for Survival and Growth: A Framework for Coordinated Participation of Asian Donors? (2012)
  • Compressed Development in Emerging Asia (2011)
  • Identity and opportunity: New Zealand’s Chinese and Indian communities (2011)
  • Intra-Regional Popular Cultural Flows: Towards an East Asian Identity? (2011)
  • Asia Pacific Regional Economic Integration and Architecture (2010)
  • China’s Quest for Balanced Development and NZ-China Relations (2010)
  • Crises, Economy and State: China and its East Asian Neighbours (2010)
  • Korean Studies in Shift (2010)
  • Towards an emerging regional trade architecture: Contending views, divergent perspectives and policy implications (2008)
  • ASEAN at forty: Reflections and visions (2007)
  • China and Korea: Competing images and contending issues (2007)
  • Maritime cooperation in East Asia: Competing understandings of human security (2007)
  • Korean ethnic return migrants in South Korea: Receptions, perceptions and identities (2006)
  • Stocktake of New Zealand-Asia engagement (2006)
  • English in Asia (2005)
  • Ethnicity, equity and the nation: The state, development and identity in multi-ethnic societies (2005)
  • International students in New Zealand: Policies and prospects (2004)
  • Women and change in Korea: Past and present (2004)
  • From miracle to crisis and beyond: Governance, institutions and anti-corruption in Asia (2003)
  • New Zealand and China: Thirty years of diplomatic relations (2002)
  • Sunshine or overcast: The South Korean presidential election and its impact on the peninsula and the region (2002)

More information about our past research projects is available to view in PDF format from the Other publications database. The Publication type is: Lists of research projects.

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