Senior Consultant at EY

The Business School’s reputation and Auckland’s city atmosphere drew Laura to the University of Auckland.

Laura Sawyer, Senior Consultant at EY
Laura Sawyer, Senior Consultant at EY

Key facts
Career: Senior Consultant
Programme: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint
Subjects: Management, Accounting, French

"I was interested in Management as I believe that people are at the core of any business. Once I began my courses, my eyes opened to the possibilities and all the fascinating avenues that you can explore within Management. Accounting was essential as I believed that understanding budgeting and management accounting was necessary for any kind of management position.

I work in the Reward Team at EY, which focuses on remuneration. Things are never boring. There is a huge variety of different projects, so there is always a new challenge to face and something to be learnt.

Laura Sawyer

"I use the knowledge and skills I gained from both of my majors in my job. Accounting has helped me when dealing with numbers, data and spreadsheets. The theories I learnt in Management help form a foundation of understanding around remuneration, as well as how things like organisational structure and key values impact people’s remuneration in different organisations.

"Beyond my majors, the skills I learnt at University have come in handy. Each project with a client is not unlike an assignment: we have to figure out the core of the problem, do the research, come up with recommendations and then write it up all before the deadline.”