Why do a PhD?

The University of Auckland Business School offers some great incentives for taking your PhD journey with us.

The University of Auckland Business School is the top-ranked business school in New Zealand, and studying a PhD with us offers a number of benefits to support you on your journey. Our PhD candidates across every department have access to world-class facilities, including:

  • Dedicated office space
  • Computer and printing facilities
  • Research support
  • Conference funding
  • High-quality academic and professional staff, teachers and researchers
  • Collaboration opportunities with other universities around New Zealand and abroad
  • Networking opportunities with visiting scholars
  • Access to a wide range of online resources including journals and publications
  • Tailored weekly drop-ins
  • Writing support groups, retreats and workshops
  • Academic pastoral support

The Business School also offers initiatives to nurture your professional development, including our Graduate Teaching Assistant programme to support those who are new to teaching.

In addition to these facilities and services offered at the Business School, you may also experience University-wide incentives, such as: