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Meet the high-achieving academics and professionals who teach our MBA programme.

Andrew Eberhard

Andrew Eberhard - Director of the Graduate School of Management

Andrew is one of our most engaging and innovative teachers. He currently oversees the Business Masters Suite of Programmes in the Graduate School of Management.

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Dr Rick Starr - Director of MBA and PGDipBus

Rick Starr has extensive management experience including Procter and Gamble and Johnson Wax. This experience, combined with his consulting and research, gives him a strong applied teaching focus. His main teaching areas include consumer behaviour, applied marketing research, and marketing management and strategy. His research interests include marketing and public policy.

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Dr Benjamin Fath

Benjamin Fath has a Master of Commerce from the Justus-Liebig University, Giessen (Germany) and a PhD in Management from the University of Auckland Business School. He has been centrally involved in research on Business Engagement with Asia and Growing New Zealand Businesses. His research interests include innovation, entrepreneurship and SME growth.     

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Dr Antje Fiedler

Antje Fiedler received her Master of Commerce (Diplom-Kauffrau) from the Justus-Liebig University Giessen and PhD in Management from the University of Auckland Business School. Her research interests include business engagement with Asia, innovation and entrepreneurship, and diversity of capitalism. 

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Professor Ilan Oshri

Ilan’s research interests include outsourcing and offshoring of IT and services, strategic information systems, innovation, disruptive technologies and qualitative research. His work on global sourcing of services has been featured on BBC Radio 4, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week and CIO magazine.

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Belinda Zohrab-McConnell
MBA: Navigating the Business Environment

Professor Robert MacCulloch
MBA: Navigating the Business Environment

Dr Hui Zhou
MBA: Financial Management and Control

Dr Yeguang Chi
MBA: Financial Return, Risk and Valuation

Dr Joanne Mutter
MBA: Managing Talent in the 21st Century

Fernando Oliveira
MBA: Managing Capacity and Inventory

Jeremy Schoen
MBA: Designing, Managing and Improving Business Processes

Dr Julia Fehrer
MBA: Market Making and Market Shaping

Professor Susan Geertshuis
MBA: Coaching for Leadership

Dr Grigorij Ljubownikow
MBA: Approaches to Growth

Dr Charlotta Windahl
MBA: Innovating New Product and Services

Professor Rudolf Sinkovics
MBA: Globalising Mindsets

Professor Elizabeth George
MBA: Managing and Leading Change