Shorter postgraduate qualifications

Postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma programmes will enable you to update your business skills and knowledge and enhance your employability over a shorter period of time.

These flexible, taught programmes of shorter duration will give you a foundation of skills and knowledge and provide a pathway to further study at masters level.

Postgraduate certificate

The 60-point postgraduate certificate offers alternative pathway for graduates who are initially uncertain about committing to a masters programme, and for those who do not achieve the required GPA for direct entry at masters level. Courses passed for the postgraduate certificate can be reassigned to the masters programme in the same subject, provided you meet the minimum GPA entry requirement and the postgraduate certificate has not been awarded.

Postgraduate diploma

The 120-point postgraduate diploma provides an additional option for graduates seeking a shorter qualification. It also serves as an exit pathway for students who are unable to complete the requirements of the masters degree due to other commitments as well as accommodate those who do not satisfy progression requirements.

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