Thesis and dissertation enrolment

Enrolling into the 30-point research essay, 60-points dissertation, 90-points research portfolio and the 120-point thesis.


If you are enrolled in the BCom (Hons), BProp (Hons)MCom or MProp (120 point), or MCom or MProp (180 point), you are required to enrol your dissertation or thesis with the relevant department.

Written approval from both your supervisor and Postgraduate Adviser is required before submitting your enrolment. The link below will lead to digital enrolment form.

Ensure that every section of both the approval form and the digital enrolment form are filled in. Forms that are not signed by your supervisor and the Postgraduate Adviser will not be processed.

Who is my Postgraduate Adviser?

Department Name Email
Accounting and Finance Sharlene Biswas
Commercial Law Julie Cassidy
Economics Alexandre Dmitriev
Information Systems and Operations Management Jaeseok Lee
Management and International Business Noemi Sinkovics
Marketing Laszlo Sajtos
Property Abdul-Rasheed Amidu

How long does thesis or dissertation enrolment take?

The Business Student Centre will check if you fulfil all the prerequisites of your programme. This process could take up to five working days.