Grow some brain cells. We are.

The Centre for Brain Research (CBR) is a multidisciplinary partnership between scientists, clinicians and our community. Our unique model of neuroscience fosters collaboration across our entire University.

Scientists, doctors and students work at every level; from the laboratory to the clinic to whānau and the community. By working together, the CBR aims to provide novel insights on how the brain stimulates, controls and interacts with the rest of the body.

About the Centre for Brain Research

The CBR exists to increase our understanding of the brain, including the development of new treatments for brain disease. At the heart of our Centre are 68 teams and approximately 400 researchers from several schools across the University of Auckland. Our synergistic and collaborative approach to research seeks to produce and translate novel findings from the laboratory through to the clinic and the patients.

Our Centre is very fortunate to receive vital support – in many forms – from our wider community, having established meaningful partnerships within the non-profit, governmental, collegiate and private sectors. We are especially grateful to the donors and their families, whose unyielding generosity facilitates our discoveries.

By unlocking the secrets of the brain we learn more about ourselves, who we are and our future. Our discoveries have the potential to change the lives of people living with neurological disease.

Opportunities for postgraduate students

The University of Auckland is one of the top-ranked universities in the world, and is internationally recognised for its neuroscience research.

Our Centre hosts several honours, masters and PhD students from New Zealand and across the globe. If you’re thinking of making neuroscience research your amazing achievement, browse our Research teams

For a list of scholarships and fellowships on offer, visit our current Research opportunities