About the course

The INFOSYS 345 Business Project course provides graduates with real-world skills.

Many graduates entering their first professional role have little understanding of the real world of work. As a result they are unable to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills. The INFOSYS 345 Business Project course addresses this gap by, in essence, emulating real working conditions.

But it does much more than that: successful operation in a workplace requires, apart from a good knowledge of the domain, skills such as communication, group dynamics, business customs and meeting protocols.

INFOSYS 345 covers three different areas:

  1. Real projects offered by business organisations and developed at their sites.
  2. In addition to performing the technical work on their business projects, all students benefit from instruction in such areas as: group dynamics, psychological profiling, communication skills, business behaviour, conflict resolution, practical project management, time management and interview skills.
  3. To fully emulate a business environment, the social dimension has also been added to INFOSYS 345 with social events commemorating class activities (like gathering at the University, restaurant outings and gala dinners), maintaining contact with former students (through a mailing list), and helping students to gain employment.

Why study INFOSYS 345?

Imagine you are a manager recruiting university graduates to work in information technology (IT). Let’s say there are 1,000 IT vacancies per year in New Zealand. And let’s say there are 1,000 graduates from New Zealand universities. Then there are 10,000 applications from overseas graduates. That is your real competition.

To get the job you want, you’ll need to demonstrate that you are passionate and motivated, have good ‘soft’ skills like communication and teamwork, and above all have real work experience. That is what you will gain in INFOSYS 345.

Students who complete the course with an A grade qualify for an official letter certifying that they have real work experience. This certificate is highly valued by business organisations. 

For future students

Learn more about the INFOSYS 345 course from our alumna, Kathryn.

The Business Project course empowers students to apply their theoretical knowledge by developing solutions that will deliver real benefits in the business world. All the course activities and procedures are designed to emulate the work of a managerial consultant or systems developer in a typical business environment.

  • Currently, projects are offered from two domains: Information Systems and Operations Management.
  • You will work in teams of three to four students; each team will be offered a choice of real projects offered by sponsor companies. You will carry out work on these projects at the company’s premises.
  • Prior to starting development work, you will pass an intensive training course on such topics as: group dynamics, psychological profiling, communication skills, business behaviour, conflict resolution, practical project management, time management and interview skills.
  • The course duration is two semesters and it is worth 45 points.

Please note that:

  • The workload is heavy, requiring at least 300 hours over two semesters.
  • Many class activities take place during weekends or semesters breaks.

INFOSYS 345 yearly schedule

Every year there are small variations in the dates but the general framework is shown in the table below:

(Exact dates are usually announced in November.)

Duration Week Activity
2h @ weekday In March
Initial meetings
3 days over weekend Sem1/Wk1 Group dynamic workshop (3 days, live-in)
Whole day Mid-semester break 1st class presentation
Whole day Sem1/Wk9 2nd class presentation
Whole day Inter-semester break Teams at Work Workshop (full day)
Whole day Inter-semester break 3rd class presentation
Whole day Mid-semester break 4th class presentation
Whole day Sem2/Wk9 Project exhibition
Mon/Sat Sem2/Wk10 Project sponsor handovers (at company)
Thu Sem2/Wk12 Final party