Meet our Associate Deans and Assistant Deans

Dr Rachel Wolfgramm, Associate Dean Māori and Associate Dean Pacific

Rachel Wolfgramm
Rachel Wolfgramm

Rachel is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and International Business. Rachel is of Te Aupōuri, Ngai Takoto, Whakatōhea, Tongan and Irish descent.

Rachel currently serves as Director/Manutaki for the Dame Mira Szászy Research Centre. She is Lead Principal Investigator of a Ngā Pae o te Maramatanga Whai Rawa (NZ CoRE) project examining Māori leadership and decision-making in economies of wellbeing. Her research has been published in A* A, B & C journals and in numerous books. Rachel has convened, led, chaired, and presented research in multiple local and international forums including co-chairing a university wide VCSDF project promoting the Universitas 21 Sustainability Project. She has served on university steering groups including the United Nations Habitat University Partnerships, and the Themed Research Initiative, Transforming Sustainable Cities. In the Business School, she co-founded the Sustainability Research Group (SRG) and currently co-leads the MIB Resilience and Sustainability Collaborative Group. She was appointed Director of Tuakana, initiating “Navigating Futures” and led a mentoring programme for Māori and Pacific Postgraduate students - Matakerepo.

Rachel’s expertise in Mātauranga Māori, sustainability and transdisciplinary research complement her roles as Assessor/Lead Assessor for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and (MBIE 2016-present) and as an evaluator and monitor with NZITP for six years. Rachel is Lead Claimant for Rourou-The Māori Economy WAI 1920, a Te Tiriti o Waitangi Claim with Generic Status and Lead claimant for Te Whanau o Rangihaerepo WAI 1827, a tribal specific claim linked through whakapapa to nga uri o te Whakatōhea. Rachel has also been actively engaged in community service and creative projects since 2003 as a Board/Trustee Member of Pou Kapua Creations and Strategic Advisor and consultant to Grid Pacific.

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Dr Tyron Rakeiora Love, Assistant Dean Māori

Dr Tyron Rakeiora Love (Te Ātiawa, Pākehā) is a Senior Lecturer in Management in MIB. After studying at Victoria University (Wellington College of Education) and Massey University, he worked at Murdoch University (Western Australia) and the University of Canterbury before joining the University of Auckland. Tyron’s research interests lie at the intersection between institutions, organisations and Indigenous peoples. He is interested in research which considers Indigenous people at the centre and at the periphery of managing and organizing, the ongoing life and ‘functioning’ of organizations and the Indigenous people within and around them, and what workplaces and communities might look like when their organising principles are based on indigenous knowledges and ways of doing things. Tyron is currently working on a Marsden project exploring how Māori academics experience universities and academic work settings.

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Susan Laurenson, Associate Dean Academic Programmes and International

Susan Laurenson

Susan Laurenson is a member of the Business School’s Senior Management Team, and has served on the Faculty Staffing Committee since 1998.

As Associate Dean she advises on academic programmes including curriculum design and development, and quality assurance. She is responsible for the development and implementation of policies relating to undergraduate recruitment, admissions and enrolment, and academic advisory services for domestic and international students. Susan also chairs the Board of Undergraduate Studies.

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Asociate Professor Christine Woods, Associate Dean Equity

Christine Woods, Associate Dean, Equity
Christine Woods

Christine Woods is an Associate Professor in Management and International Business. 

Chris is a specialist in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and teaches entrepreneurship at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD levels. She also conducts research in the area of Māori entrepreneurship, family business, SME growth, social entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial behaviour. 

Chris is also part of the Directing team for the ICEHOUSE Business Growth Programmes, and facilitates on the Owner Manager Programme which works with entrepreneurial SMEs.

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Dr Douglas Carrie, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching

Doug Carrie, Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Douglas Carrie

Dr Douglas Carrie also serves as the Director of First Year Studies and Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing in the Business School. He holds a PhD from London Business School in the United Kingdom.

Doug's research interests fall in the areas of business/marketing education, the first year undergraduate experience, and advertising and marketing communications. Doug's professional background includes varied management and consulting experience in Canada, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Doug teaches across a range of business and marketing courses, currently mostly at the undergraduate level although he has also often taught at the postgraduate level over the years.

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Associate Professor Lesley Gardner, Assistant Dean Teaching & Learning  

Lesley Gardner is an Associate Professor in information systems, in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM). Lesley’s research covers the areas of digital citizenry, sustainable documents, and computer-mediated learning, from which she has published over 120 articles and papers in journal and conference proceedings.

She researches digital citizenry as an overarching term that observes and investigates different aspects of industry, society, and individuals’ interactions in the digital world.

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Associate Professor Maureen Benson-Rea, Associate Dean Postgraduate

Maureen Benson-Rea

Maureen Benson-Rea is an Associate Professor of Management and International Business in the Business School.

Maureen specialises in international business (particularly in Europe) and strategic management. With teaching and large-scale programme management experience in the UK, Maureen has also held several positions as an international policy advisor, lobbyist and analyst with a major British business organisation. Her current research interests lie in the area of networks in internationalisation strategies and cooperative business strategies in general.

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Professor Snejina Michailova, Associate Dean Research

Snejina Michailova

Snejina Michailova is Professor of International Business in the Department of Management and International Business. She earned her PhD degree from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, in 1997.

Snejina's main research areas are international business, management and knowledge management, and her academic work has appeared in the prime journals of all three disciplines. She has previously chaired the departmental research committee and PhD committee. She is also a member of the Council of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, a European research organisation headquartered in Vienna.

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Andrew Eberhard, Associate Dean Professional Programmes, Associate Dean Technology and Director of the GSM

Andrew Eberhard
Andrew Eberhard

Andrew is a Professional Teaching Fellow in Information Systems and Operations Management. His teaching focuses on Digital Systems, Information Management and Data Visualisation. Andrew has a track record of innovation and sustained excellence in teaching and leadership. This was recognised at a national level when he received the Prime Minister’s Supreme Award at the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards in 2019. Andrew joined the GSM from ISOM in 2018 when he was appointed as the Director of the Business Masters suite of programmes. In 2020 he became Deputy Director of the GSM where he leads a fantastic team of people who are dedicated to the success of our professional programmes.

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Dr Michael S W Lee, Assistant Dean Professional Programmes

Dr Michael S W Lee is an Associate Professor of Marketing. His areas of research includes brand avoidance, consumer resistance, activism, and anti-consumption where he has been the Director of The International Centre of Anti-Consumption Research (ICAR) since 2005. Mike actively supervises PhD students in the area of religiously motivated boycotting, product crisis trust recovery, family consumption conflict resolution, and anti-consumption in emerging economies. His work has been published in top journals such as The Journal of Business Research; Psychology & Marketing; European Journal of Marketing; Applied Psychology; Journal of Public Policy and Marketing; Journal of Consumer Affairs; Journal of Product and Brand Management; Journal of Macromarketing; Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services; Advances in Consumer Research; Consumption, Markets and Culture; Australasian Marketing Journal; Journal of Consumer Marketing; and Journal of Consumer Behaviour. Mike continues to collaborate with industry implementing numerous real-world projects and has provided expert commentary for over 400 media engagements.

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Deborah Levy
Deborah Levy

Professor Deborah Levy, Associate Dean External Engagement

In this role Deborah will provide leadership in the faculty’s external engagement plan and build upon the work carried out by Deputy Dean Professor Tava Olsen and the Faculty’s Engagement Committee.
Deborah joined the University in 1986 and has been Head of the Department of Property since 2008.

Deborah is passionate about the mutual benefits of effective external engagement. Her success in maintaining close links with industry in effectively developing meaningful and dynamic linkages between the industry and the department of property has been widely recognised. Deborah will continue in the role as Head of Property.

Deborah will be working with Bodo Lang as Assistant Dean (see below). They are both excited by the challenge in ensuring the current productive relationships held within the School together with future initiatives will become embedded into our research, knowledge exchange, teaching and social responsibility.

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Dr Bodo Lang, Assistant Dean External Engagement

Bodo’s career is a blend of experience from both the commercial and academic sectors. His commercial career began in Germany in advertising, after which he worked as a management consultant in New Zealand for Deloitte Consulting, a global consulting firm. Following this, Bodo held a senior management position in Singapore at NFO WorldGroup, at the time the world's third largest market research firm.
The other half of Bodo’s career has been in academia. Bodo worked as in academic and Head of Department roles at various providers of tertiary education. Until December 2019, he was the Head of Department in marketing at the University of Auckland.

Due to his industry background, his research focuses on the intersection of academic rigour and practical relevance. Bodo has received three awards for his research. Bodo is also a passionate teacher and has received two teaching awards and has sustained excellence for nearly two decades of teaching.

Bodo is passionate about external engagement. As part of his research, he has employed extensive external engagement at regional level and national level public organisations. He has also successfully engaged with the business community and interacted with business executives up to CEO level and with executives in many smaller organisations, such as community organisations, and start-ups. He is one of the University’s most prolific academics when it comes to interacting with the media, with a career total of more than 850 engagements, valued at more than $3.5 million by the university’s media monitoring agency.

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Andrew Patterson, Associate Dean Faculty

Andrew Patterson joined the Faculty in 2014. His specialist areas are conflict resolution, negotiation, and general management. He has 17 years of experience in tertiary teaching across several disciplines. Andrew has sat on the UABS Faculty Staffing Committee since 2017 and served on numerous academic selection and interview panels. He is the recipient of three UABS teaching excellence awards and has been invited to share his work and participate in forums at universities around the world, including Renmin University of China, Beijing, and Harvard Law School, MA, USA.

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