Alumni profile: Chris Farhi, Head of Insights at Bayleys

University alumnus Chris Farhi tells how his studies paved the way for his career.

Chris Farhi and Head of Department Deborah Levy at the Property Awards 2022

As a former student who now works in industry and helps to guide the next generation of learners as a lecturer, Chris Farhi has played an important role in the Department of Property’s successes over the years.

After completing his Bachelor of Property (Hons) and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degrees, Chris went on to study a Master of Philosophy in real estate finance at the University of Cambridge.

These days, Chris is Head of Insights, Data & Consulting for Bayleys, helping the company and its customers stay ahead of emerging trends in the industry and overseeing their market research. The skills he gained from his studies have helped pave the way for his career success, he says.

“My postgrad studies have proven particularly useful for my career, mainly because they have given me the skills and confidence to self-learn by reading.”

For any new students about to embark on their property journey, Chris’s advice is to throw yourself into it.

“Go hard on your studies, but also take advantage of the flexibility available to you as a student. It’s a relatively unique time in your life where you have a lot of flexibility around how you use your time,” he says.

As if his work commitments weren’t enough, Chris has also been lecturing at the University of Auckland for almost ten years, alongside his continuing studies as a PhD candidate within the department.

Coming back as a lecturer has been a definite “highlight”, Chris says, along with his work coaching student teams for the Property Case competition.

“Our students are super passionate about what they do, so it always makes me happy to help them start their careers, whether it’s through their studies or through helping them get jobs,” he says.

“One of the high points was during 2019 when our case competition team won the global property competition in Vancouver, Canada. This was particularly exciting because our students demonstrated they can compete and win against the world’s top universities.”

Chris’s ongoing support of the department was recognised at the Property Awards earlier this year where he received the Stuart McIntosh Award. Head of Department Professor Deborah Levy praised Chris for his many achievements, noting the award was a well-deserved acknowledgement of his “contribution, support, loyalty and commitment” to the department over the years.