Remembering Edward Te Kohu Douglas

The University remembers Edward Te Kohu (Ted) Douglas, a gifted teacher in the Department of Property.

Remembering Edward te Kohu Douglas

The University is saddened by the loss of Edward Te Kohu (Ted) Douglas, who passed away 1 September 2022.

In 2000, Ted was contracted to develop and teach Māori Land Issues as part of the Bachelor of Property degree.

He taught it every year until 2014, when he retired from the University. He was an extremely gifted teacher, opening our students’ eyes to an alternative way of looking at property and the history of Aotearoa New Zealand by carrying out their own research on specific sites.

Ted completed an MSc from Victoria University Wellington and had a varied career encompassing a variety of research and teaching appointments. These ranged from a junior lecturer in adult education, research officer for the Department of Internal Affairs, senior lecturer and Director of Māori Development at the University of Waikato to a part-time senior lecturer at the University of Auckland.

He maintained strong linkages with Māori community organisations, including national authorities and Māori community groups. He acted as a consultant and adviser for a number of Crown agencies.

He was actively engaged in the debate on Māori policy, ethnic pluralism and the devolution of a government authority. His research interests and training brought a demographic and sociological perspective to the debate, especially as it relates to social being and life chances in health, housing, education and employment, tribal authority, and tribal/state relationships.

In 2011 the department acknowledged Ted’s immense contribution by naming him the recipient of the Stuart McIntosh Award.

His absence from the department was deeply felt, especially his wisdom, guidance, and knowledge around all things Māori.

Kua hinga te tōtara i Te Waonui-a-Tāne (the tōtara in the great forest of Tāne has fallen).