About the New Zealand Business Research Translation Competition

Showing the relevance, robustness, and usefulness of business research.

Business research is expected to contribute to society, the environment, and the economy. Governments and funding agencies across the world have been calling for academics to demonstrate the relevance of their research, show a return on public investment, and articulate the resulting knowledge in a language that is accessible to those who can benefit from it.

The Competition aims to promote the relevance and impact of New Zealand business research to external stakeholders. The objective is also to enhance scholars’ skills and confidence in communicating their research to wider, non-specialist audiences. Since 2014, Massey University has annually run the Business Research Translation Competition. In 2019, the University of Auckland Business School took it over and ran a Business Research Translation Competition in the wider Auckland region with the participation of the AUT Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Massey Business School, University of Auckland Business School, and Waikato Management School. In 2020, the University of Auckland Business School invited business and economics researchers from all eight business schools in the country to participate:

  • AUT Business School
  • Lincoln University Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce
  • Massey University Business School
  • Otago Business School
  • UC Business School
  • University of Auckland Business School
  • Waikato Management School
  • Wellington School of Business and Government