Our research

The members of the Centre for Applied Research in Economics (CARE) undertake real-world research projects spanning four main research themes.

CARE's research projects are either client-driven contracts or CARE’s own research initiatives.

Client-driven contracts

CARE’s commercially funded research projects are initiated by external organisations directly seeking solutions. These projects respond to approaches or open tenders from organisations in the private, public and non-governmental sectors. We diagnose problems, design and implement solutions, and test results. To find out how CARE can work for your organisation, please contact us.

CARE’s research initiatives

These are research projects initiated by CARE. We monitor economic breakthroughs by our own members and others and identify current practical problems at large in New Zealand that could be solved by applying these. We bring together experts to propose and debate solutions, then publish and promote the best strategies.

Recent and current proactive projects include:

  • Convening, and publishing the results of, a summit on welfare fit for families in a changing world.
  • Convening, and publishing the results of, the 3rd ATE Symposium on Competition Economics and Regulation.
  • Convening, and publishing the results of, a workshop on competition in the New Zealand dairy industry following a Commerce Commission decision that the price of milk need not be regulated.

CARE follows a translational and applied research methodology in pursuit of its objectives. For both objectives and methodology please visit our research centre page.