Upcoming and past events for the Centre of Digital Enterprise (CODE).

Transforming the EMA during the times of COVID

The abrupt COVID-19-induced three-month lockdown of the Auckland region put immense pressure on business owners and their people. The bulk of the EMA’s 7,100 mostly SME members are in this region and needed accurate, practical information, advice and access to services in a different way to help them keep the doors open. They also needed a connection with Government in Wellington that would highlight the full extent of the ongoing lockdown on already struggling businesses, and its impact on both the Auckland and national economy. The EMA had to rapidly change the way its people worked, as well as find different, technology-focused way to keep members up-to-date, including immediately of expansion of capacity and working from home for its core AdviceLine service, an ongoing Web Series with latest updates and insights, and transforming previously in-person learning portfolios to rich online ones. Join EMA Chief Executive Brett O’Riley to find out more about how COVID accelerated its transformation, and the benefits for staff and members.

Presenter: Brett O’Riley (EMA Chief Executive)
Date: Wednesday 31st May 2023
Time: 12-1pm
Venue: Case room 2 260-057 and Online via Zoom

Beyond the Blockchain: Crypto Fundamentals Demystified

Understand the world of digital currencies with Ben Rose, regional leader for Binance - the world's leading blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Ben will demystify some of the core concepts behind cryptocurrencies, including the origins of transferrable value, blockchain technology, use cases, and the spectrum of centralization. Delve into their origins, usability, and impact on modern finance, empowering you with the essential knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Presenter: Ben Rose (Regional General Manager, Binance Australia and New Zealand)
Date: Wednesday 10th May 2023
Time: 12-1pm
Venue: Online via Zoom

Expect the Unexpected – Digital Enterprise Planning in the 2020’s

Covid, lockdowns, inflation, floods, cyclones… The 2020’s have been a wild ride so far and what might come next is anybody’s guess. Drawing on the experience of Foodstuffs North Island through these challenging years, Simon will share his thoughts on how organisations in general, and technology teams in particular, can set themselves up to achieve the best possible outcomes despite the challenges. Expect an interactive session including some presentation content but plenty of flexibility for Q&A and “ask me anything” discussion.

Presenter: Simon Kennedy – Chief Digital Officer (Foodstuffs, North Island)

Date: Friday March 24th 2023

Time: 12-1pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Aotearoa: A Tech-Driven Sustainable Nation?

The Centre of Digital Enterprise once again invites you to hear from top experts in the area of sustainability and digital strategy about how Aotearoa should address sustainability challenges (e.g. net zero targets) and what enterprises, professional associations and tech providers (and policy makers) can do to make Aotearoa an exemplary case of a tech-driven sustainable nation.


Molly Harris Olson, Director, Global Partnership Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand
Emma Barrett, Public Sector Lead, Microsoft New Zealand
Graeme Muller, CEO, NZTech

Moderator: Mitchell Pham, Director, CodeHQ

Date: Friday 4 November 2022
Time: 2 - 5 pm NZST
Location: Decima Glenn, Room 310, level 3, Sir Owen G Glenn Building, The University of Auckland Business School, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland

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Will you pay with face? Drivers to trial facial recognition payment technology

Facial recognition payment (FRP) technology is a controversial payment innovation (e.g., making payments based on consumers’ facial biometric information stored by retailers). FRP provides consumers with convenience and advances retailers’ consumer relationship management. However, its close linkage to privacy and financial benefit/loss demotivates consumers largely. Unfortunately, we have limited knowledge about consumers’ decision-making journey to trial such a controversial technology.

Based on in-depth interviews with 17 Australians, this study reveals that consumers would not trial FRP until stages such as having knowledge, generating interest and desire, performing information search, and trusting FRP. Each stage is influenced by several consumer- (e.g., perceived ease of use), retailer- (e.g., customer-store relationship), and customer-store relationship-related factors.

Speaker: Dr. Shasha Wang, Lecturer, Business School, Queensland University of Technology, and an Honorary Research Fellow, Business School, University of Western Australia.

Date: Wednesday 29 June 2022
Time: 1-2pm NZST
Location: Zoom

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Is Digital the solution for NZ Sustainability Challenges?

The Centre of Digital Enterprise invites you to hear from top experts in the area of sustainability and digital strategy how they view the sustainability challenges for New Zealand enterprises, and how digital solutions could help in addressing these sustainability challenges.

Date: Thursday 16 June 2022
Time: 2-5pm NZST
Location: Sir Owen G Glenn Building

Speakers and panelists:

Annabell Chartres, Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change Leader, PwC
Priti Ambani, Director, New Business and Innovation, NZ Tata Consultancy Services
Julie Lindenberg, CEO, APAC, CoGo
Mitchell Pham, Co-Founder CodeHQ and NZ Digital Council
Ilan Oshri, Director, CODE, University of Auckland


2-2.30pm: Registration and refreshments

2.30-3pm: Ilan Oshri presenting the results of the Digital Sustainability Index

3-4pm: Panel led by Mitchell Pham with panelists: Annabell Chartres, Priti Ambani, Julie Lindenberg

4-5pm: Networking with canapé and drinks

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TechweekTV by NZTech and co-sponsored by the Centre of Digital Enterprise and BlockchainNZ

The Centre of Digital Enterprise is teaming up with BlockchainNZ and NZTech to lead a timely debate about the role of emerging technologies in climate change. Are emerging technologies the solution or the source of further pollution?

Title: Solution or Pollution: Emerging Tech & Climate Change in NZ

Speakers: Ilan Oshri, Professor Information Systems and Operations Management, University of Auckland and James Cochrane, Partner, Stace Hammond

Date: Wednesday 18 May 2022 
Time: 10.40-11.40am NZST

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Online symposium on Value Creation via Digital Innovations


Session 1: Value Creation via Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technologies to transform services and businesses. This session brings about 2 excellent examples of digital transformation in New Zealand.

Date: Friday 19 November 2021
Time: 2-3pm NZST

Speakers: Steve James, Head of Technology, Woolworths New Zealand & David Downs, CEO of New Zealand Story, and Founder of Spend on Small Businesses (SOS Business)

Session 2: Value Creation Via Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Both blockchain and AI have been in the news as emerging technologies that will transform business and society. This session offers a unique insight into the role of blockchain and AI in our life.

Date: Friday 19 November 2021
Time: 3.15-4.15pm NZT

Speakers: Nicole Upchurch, General Manager, Centrality & Dr Nicolas Hohn, Senior Analytics Expert at McKinsey & Company in Melbourne and Chief Data Scientist, QuantumBlack Australia

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Knowledge Management Adapting to the Digital (R)Evolution

Presenter: Scott Leeb, Corporate Lead, Knowledge, Fragomen


Scott Leeb is currently the Global Corporate for Knowledge at Gragomen, a leading international immigration law firm. Over the past 25 years, Scott has created, managed and grown the global business intelligence/knowledge management programs at four Fortune 500 companies (Prudential Retirement, The McGraw-Hill Companies, KPMG and Ingram Micro), and a leading international philanthropy (The Rockefeller Foundation). He also advised the Saudi Arabian and US federal government on how to build and sustain their knowledge capabilities.

Scott has spoken in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America on a wide range of topics including competitive intelligence, business intelligence, market intelligence, strategy and knowledge management. He began his career as a senior intelligence analyst for the US Army, specializing in East Asian political-military affairs. Scott holds MAs from The Australian National University and Columbia University, a BA from Yale University and a language certificate from Beijing University.

Date: Wednesday 27 October 2021

Time: 12-1pm

Location: Zoom

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Hitting the Sweet Spot with Digital Transformation

Presenter: Nathan Richardson (Chief Digital Officer) and Anja Strogies (Manager Global Tax) at PwC New Zealand


An overview of how PwC NZ has taken a business and citizen led approach to their Digital Transformation. By scaling Agile across the firm, PWC have been able to better improve their prioritisation and build momentum on automation and digitising traditional services. PWC’s citizen led transformation is about upskilling their people, enabling and empowering staff to innovate and make change unimpeded.

Date: Tuesday 28 September 2021

Time: 2-3pm

Location: Zoom

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Technology Procurement Contracts: The Forgotten Legal Conversation that underpins a Successful IT Implementation

Presenter: Edwin Lim, Partner, Hudson Gavin Martin


Edwin Lim is a partner at Hudson Gavin Martin, a leading New Zealand technology, media and intellectual property law firm. Edwin’s main areas of practice are technology and IP development, commercialisation, protection and procurement.

Edwin has worked with businesses across various industry sectors (both customers and vendors) and has numerous clients offering SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. He has over 20 years’ experience in technology procurement including RPA, ERP, CRM and other large scale IT development and implementation projects in New Zealand and the Middle East.

In addition to his LLB (Honours) degree, he has a BCom (Honours) degree from the University of Auckland majoring in Information Systems, so understands the technical, business and legal issues involved in technology projects. Edwin is a committee member of the Auckland District Law Society Technology Law Committee, and is the Secretary of the NZ Middle East Business Council.

Date: Wednesday 25 August 2021

Time: 12-1pm NZST

Location: via Zoom

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The role of Centrality, a Blockchain Venture Studio, in transforming the digital landscape in NZ and beyond

Presenter: Nicole Upchurch, General Manager, Centrality, Auckland, New Zealand


Nicole brings her fierce passion for smart and effective marketing communication to the role of CENNZnet General Manager. Combining a history of working across a broad range of technology disciplines, Nicole is on a crusade to ensure that Centrality is recognised globally as an edgy, market-leading and highly successful blockchain business.

Date: Tuesday 17 August 2021

Time: 10.45am-12pm NZST

Location: Level 3, Room 321, Sir Owen G Glenn Building

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The Invisible Risk: The Data-sharing Activities of Data Brokers and Information Leakage

Presenter: Dr. Taiwei (David) Wang, Associate Professor and Driehaus Fellow, DePaul University


Data brokers are the major players in the market for collecting, selling, and sharing user information. Much media attention is paid to the risk of information leakage associated with the data exchange activities between data brokers.

Dr. Tawei (David) Wang will present his recent research to identify the information leakage from the dark web and examine whether such incidents are related to the data exchange between data brokers. The effectiveness of the recent data broker registration law introduced in Vermont and California will also be discussed.

Date: Tuesday 3 August 2021

Time: 3-4pm NZST

Location: via Zoom

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