Our research centre

The Centre of Digital Enterprise (CODE) is a multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on the application of digital technologies in organisations.

CODE's research activities

CODE is recognised for the international quality of its basic, applied and commissioned research.

Research activities include:

  • Research application and dissemination
  • Commissioned research and interaction with external agents, institutes and organisations
  • Innovative partnerships in the business community, academic and government agencies
  • A coordinating unit for research teams and funding sources
  • Facilitating study sites for research both nationally and internationally
  • Reciprocated international research fellow visits
  • Events, forums, seminars and e-commerce workshops
  • International and national symposiums, colloquia and conferences.

CODE's vision

To be regarded as a centre with an interdisciplinary focus in the area of digital technologies' application in organisations facilitated through research, collaboration with international research units, and interaction with the business community.

CODE's goals

  • The centre aims to be a significant contributor to research and curriculum development in the area of digital technology's application in organisations.
  • A major emphasis of the centre is to build collaborative links with international research institutions, research projects and individuals, and the business community involving developers and users of digital technologies.
  • Dissemination of relevant research is an important goal of the centre. This includes initiating research projects, participating in international research consortia and engaging the business community to work in contemporary and relevant issues in the area of digital technologies.