Watch videos and read the notes of Energy Matters speakers.

Michael Liebreich

The clean energy and transport transition
Monday 24 June 2019

As Uber researches flying cars, and truck and bus manufacturers hustle to develop the technology they need to electrify commercial fleets all over the world, transportation thinkers familiar with the challenges we face in New Zealand will be asking themselves: what next for us?

John Mauro, Dr Amelia Sharman, John Carnegie and Professor Caroline Saunders

Zero carbon economy: A panel discussion
Monday 1 October 2018

At this Energy Matters panel discussion, the views on the zero carbon initiative were shared from four prominent speakers – John Mauro (Chief Sustainability Officer, Auckland Council), Dr Amelia Sharman (Principal Advisor, Interim Climate Change Committee), John Carnegie (Executive Director, BusinessNZ Energy Council) and Professor Caroline Saunders (Director of Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, Lincoln University).

Professor Michiel Bliemer

Towards a fair user-pays system on Australian roads
Monday 19 March 2018

Professor Michiel Bliemer, from Transport Planning and Modelling at the University of Sydney Business School, discusses a fair user-pays system on Australian roads that would be acceptable to all stakeholders, could be implemented in stages, and which assumes relatively simple technology similar to electricity user charges.

Professor John Mathews

Global Green Shift: China as Driver
Wednesday 20 September 2017

John A Mathews, Professor of Strategic Management at Macquarie University, presents evidence that China is driving a global green transition to enhance its energy security and clean up its deteriorating urban environment.

Professor Mark O'Malley

Supply demand balance in an Integrated Energy System
Thursday 16 March 2017

Professor Mark O’Malley discusses supply demand balance in an integrated energy system.

Dr Lawrence Jones

Global energy supply depends on water
Thursday 5 October 2016

Dr Lawrence Jones, Vice President of International Programmes at Edison Electric Institute in the US, provides a global perspective on the future of electricity generation.

Dr Kiti Suomalainen and Dr Anthony Downward

Disruptive technologies and solar potential in Auckland
Wednesday 30 March 2016

Kiti Suomalainen and Anthony Downward present an overview of rooftop solar potential for Auckland based on LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) data provided by Auckland Council.

John Carnegie and Dr Stephen Batstone

BEC2050 Energy Scenarios: Navigating energy futures to 2050
Monday 19 October 2015

John Carnegie and Dr Stephen Batstone from the BusinessNZ Energy Council speak on BEC2050 Energy Scenarios: Navigating energy futures to 2050.

Tania Simpson

Key considerations for energy sector relationships with iwi and Māori land owners
Thursday 28 May 2015

Director of the Reserve Bank and long-term Mighty River Power board member Tania Simpson speaks on key considerations for energy sector relationships with iwi and Māori land owners.

Dr Claire Spencer

Political turmoil in the Middle East: Why and what next for the rest of the world?
Thursday 5 March 2015

Dr Claire Spencer, head of the Middle East and North Africa programme at Chatham House, speaks on Political turmoil in the Middle East: Why and what next for the rest of the world?

Dr Sean Simpson

Climate-friendly fuel: A challenge of scale and time
Wednesday 8 October 2014

Dr Sean Simpson discusses sustainable hydrocarbon fuel and chemical production processes, ranging from available, mature technologies, to processes on the brink of commercialisation and those still further back in their development stage.

Professor Jonathan Stern

A "Golden Age for Gas" – Promise and unresolved questions
Thursday 4 April 2013

Professor Jonathan Stern describes the forces at work, how they could interact, and highlight implications for different industry stakeholders including national energy policy planners.

Harvey Weake

Energy supply: Geopolitics or geology?
Tuesday 11 June 2013

An accomplished executive with 31 years in the manufacturing sector of the petrochemical and oil industry, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Methanex, Harvey Weak addresses what is driving the changes to the global energy environment.