The Energy Education Trust of New Zealand and others funds undergraduate and honours scholarships offered by the Energy Centre.

PhD Scholarship opportunity: The economic analysis of wireless powered roadway technology for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.


Over the past 5 years, the NZ government has recognised the critical importance that wireless power brings to the uptake of electric vehicles and the associated benefits that accrue as a consequence including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved urban air quality. Substantial funding has been provided to enable a large multidisciplinary team to work together to develop robust roadway-charging systems for EVs. The team comprises experts from the University of Auckland’s power electronics research group, the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials, the Transportation Research Centre and the Energy Centre working together with materials engineers at GNS Science and Victoria University in Wellington. 

Recently this team has been awarded a second MBIE Endeavour grant to continue the work for a further 5 years focusing on the entire transportation fleet, including commercial fleet and heavy-duty vehicles to enable wirelessly fast chargers at off-road hubs and wireless power to the vehicle while it is on the move, from within selected roadways. This wider collaboration includes researchers from Auckland University of Technology, University of Cambridge UK, and close collaboration with ASPIRE, a large multi-university NSF funded Engineering Research Centre in the USA. The team will also work closely with industry partners within NZ and globally.

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Applications due by 20.1.22

Please forward academic background, research experience, referees and a 3,000 work research proposal to Dr Prakash Ranjitkar including:

.  An academic CV including your relevant experience and publications-       

.   Copy of degree certificate(s)-        

.   A 1-2 page cover letter stating why the applicant intends to pursue a PhD in Wireless Powered Infrastructure      

.    Names and contact details of at least 2 referees who can be contacted for a confidential recommendation