Our research centre

The Dame Mira Szászy Research Centre was established by the University of Auckland Business School in 1998 in honour of the late Dame Mira's achievements.


The Dame Mira Szászy Research Centre aims to advance knowledge that benefits Māori business, Māori in business and the wider Aotearoa/New Zealand economy.   

Key activities


  • Development, training, consultation and professional development services for Māori and Pacific community and corporate organisations
  • Collaborating with other research institutions, including James Henare Māori Research Centre and The University of Auckland’s School of  Environmental and Marine Sciences


  • Researching economic development and its relationship to spiritual and cultural capital
  • Leadership in Māori and Pacific terms appropriate for business and economics
  • Collaborating with the Pacific Forum, the Pacific Business Trust and the New Zealand Pacific Business Council on research into Pacific economies, trade and business development
  • Future-proofing the Pacific. Collaborating with the Pacific Forum member states on trade, economic development and business success
  • The Māori and Pacific four well-beings: spiritual, environmental, family-kinship, economic and business measures
  • Whānau Ora - a Māori business model of the future
  • Multi-dimensional model of identity and cultural engagement
  • Development and support of Māori financial capability
  • Wellbeing indicators for Māori

Other activities include hosting The Aotearoa New Zealand Māori Business Leaders Awards and support of recruitment, mentoring, study support and pastoral care programmes for all Māori and Pacific students at The University of Auckland Business School.