Our research

Research at the New Zealand APEC Study Centre focuses on economic interactions in the Asia-Pacific region and the growing challenges of globalisation.

The New Zealand APEC Study Centre undertakes research on trade and regional economic integration issues involving APEC and APEC member economies. Examples of topics covered by the Centre’s research include:

  • Asia-Pacific regional economic integration

Detailed analysis of the phenomenon of proliferation free trade agreements (FTAs) in the Asia-Pacific region, evolution of the trade architecture of the Asia-Pacific region, contribution to the APEC database on Asia-Pacific FTAs.

  • Large-scale regional trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific region

Detailed analysis of proposals for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP and its successor the CPTPP), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP).

  • Relation between Asia-Pacific regional economic integration and the WTO-based multilateral trading system
  • APEC’s Post-2020 Agenda

Contribution to ongoing research on APEC’s Post-2020 Agenda

  • Analysis toward achievement of APEC objectives in individual APEC economies
  • Agricultural Trade Policy

Analysis of agricultural trade policy issues for APEC, treatment of agricultural trade in FTAs, Food Policy in APEC economies.

  • Services Trade and Services Trade Liberalisation
  • New Zealand’s Trade Agreements

Analysis of New Zealand’s involvement in free trade agreements (FTAs) and impact on New Zealand of trade agreements between third countries, assessment of the ANZCERTA agreement between Australia and New Zealand.