Our research

Research at the New Zealand APEC Study Centre focuses on economic interactions in the Asia-Pacific region and the growing challenges of globalisation.

Recent journal articles and working papers

  • Zhang, H. (2022). Upstream Capital Flows, Intangible Investment, and Allocative Efficiency, Journal of Macroeconomics, 72, 103425.

  • Fiorini, M., Sanfilippo, M., & Sundaram, A. (2021). Trade liberalization, roads and firm productivity. Journal of Development Economics, 153, 102712.

  • Hasan, R., Mehta, A., & Sundaram, A. (2021). The effects of labor regulation on firms and exports: Evidence from Indian apparel manufacturing. Journal of Comparative Economics, 49(1), 183-200.

  • Zhang, H. (2021) “Trade-Driven Sectoral Upgrading and the Global Imbalances”, revised and resubmitted, Available on SSRN.

  • Edwards, L., Sanfilippo, M., & Sundaram, A. (2020). Importing and Productivity: An Analysis of South African Manufacturing Firms. Review of Industrial Organization, 57(2), 411-432.

  • Kamal, F., & Sundaram, A. (2019). Do institutions determine economic Geography? Evidence from the concentration of foreign suppliers. Journal of Urban Economics, 110, 89-101.

  • Fiorini, M., Sanfilippo, M., & Sundaram, A. (2019). Roads: from trade liberalization to firm productivity. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. RSCAS, 32.

  • Sundaram, A. (2019). Trade liberalization and volatility: Evidence from Indian firms. Review of International Economics, 27(5), 1409-1426.

Policy publications

  • Sharma, R. and A. Sundaram, ‘Non-Tariff Measures in India’, Non-Tariff Measures in Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand (Eds. Lili Yan Ing, Denise Penelo Rial, and Rizqy Anandhika), Jakarta: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East-Asia (ERIA), forthcoming.

  • Sundaram, A., 'India's RCEP Exit and its Regional Future', East Asia Forum Quarterly, 14 (1), January-March, 2022.

  • Apatov, E. and A. Sundaram, ‘Immigration and ‘Brain Waste’: An Analysis of APEC Immigrants in New Zealand’, Policy Quarterly, Special Issue, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific, 16(4), November 2020. Pages 50 – 58.

Conference presentations

  • Sundaram, A. ‘Services Trade Liberalization and Manufacturing Firm Productivity: Evidence from Vietnam’, Workshop on Globalization, Labour Markets and Development, Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence, Ital, 2022.

  • Sundaram, A. ‘Import Competition, Labour Market Regulation and Firm Outsourcing’, Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, India, 2021.

  • Sundaram, A. ‘Family-Leave Mandates and Female Labor at U.S. Firms: Evidence from a Trade Shock’, School of Economics, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 2021.

  • Sundaram, A. ‘Import Competition, Labour Market Regulation and Firm Outsourcing’, Melbourne International Trade Workshop, Melbourne, Australia, 2020.

  • Zhang, H. “Upstream Capital Flows, Intangible Investment, and Allocative Efficiency”, European Economic Association Virtual Congress, hosted by ERASMUS School of Economics, the Netherlands, 2020.

Policy presentations

  • Scollay, R. (2021), “Geo-economics and APEC”, presented at NZ Institute for International Affairs Conference: Standing in the Future: New Zealand and the Indo-Pacific Region, 14 July 2021.

  • Scollay, R.(2021), Comments on “Webinar on “Advancing Sustainable Development with FDI”, Hinrich Foundation webinar, 29 June 2021.

  • Scollay, R.(2021), “Regional Integration: CPTPP, RCEP, APEC”, presented at NZ Contemporary China Research Centre/CASS online symposium: “Regional Trade in 2021”, 16 June 2021.

  • Scollay, R.(2021), “RCEP and Asia-Pacific trade – the outlook for 2021”, presented at Asia New Zealand Foundation/Shanghai Institute for International Studies Online Roundtable: The Asia-Pacific Region 2021 and Beyond”, 19 March 2021.

  • Scollay, R.(2019), Essential Features for the Rules-Based Trading System of the Future, presented at PECC Seminar on Asia-Pacific Strategies for the Global Trading System, Vancouver, Canada, 28-30 October 2019.

  • Scollay, R.(2019), Comments on; ‘Improving Connectivity in the Region: ASEAN Agenda for Future Economic Challenges’ by Yose Rizal Damuri, Pacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD) PAFTAD 40 Conference: New dimensions of connectivity in the Asia Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand, 17-19 July 2019.

  • Scollay, R.(2019), “Debacles, Successes, Challenges and Ways Forward, presented at APEC Study Centres Consortium Conference, Viña del Mar, Chile, 13 May 2019.

  • Scollay, R.(2019), “US-China Conflict: Substance, Fake News and Policy Failure” presented at NZ Asia Institute and Keck Centre for International and Strategic Studies Symposium on “Peace and Prosperity in Pacific-Asia in the Age of U.S.-China Strategic Competition” Auckland Business School, 19 March 2019.