Our research centre

The Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC) focuses on the economics of the ageing population and pension design.

New Zealand's ageing population poses many economic challenges. The Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC) examines the policies concerning the provision of retirement income through the public pension (New Zealand Superannuation) and through private saving (KiwiSaver and other vehicles), encompassing both the accumulation and decumulation phases of retirement saving.

The RPRC is an academically focused centre specialising in the economic issues of demographic change. The centre's sphere of interest includes:

  • Public provision of retirement income (New Zealand Superannuation)
  • Private provision (including KiwiSaver)
  • The accumulation and decumulation phases of retirement saving
  • Accident compensation
  • Tax and transfer policy

Advisory board

In August 2012, the Centre assembled an informedand interested, independent group to provide guidance on the role and function of the RPRC, including the development and achievement of strategic plans, improving the effectiveness of the RPRC in achieving its goals and improving the profile of the RPRC.

Short biographies of our Advisory Board members are available from Our people page.


To be regarded, nationally and internationally, as an authority on public policy aspects of pension design and other private provision and to be a reputable source of data on, and independent analysis of, fiscal and social policy in New Zealand.


The Centre's main aim is to provide independent research and analysis on private provision, public pensions and fiscal policy: To provide a link between policymakers, researchers and the financial sector, to inform and encourage public debate and to contribute to the development of sustainable and equitable policies for an ageing population.