MBA graduates

Tara Macmillan, Senior Manager, Procurement – NZ Transport Agency

“The skills that you learn are incredibly transferrable and span different careers and industries.”

Completing an MBA gave FMCG expert Michael Oosthuizen the confidence to take on more challenging roles in his organisation.

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Hansa Malpathak

With a background in Engineering, Hansa Malpathak completed an MBA to round out her business skill set and was able to to step up to a senior role.

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The MBA programme helped Graeme Gunthorp make a significant career shift and follow his passion for transport and urban design.

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Samuel Stadler

Samuel Stadler, VP Marketing – Parrot Analytics

“The MBA has given me a fresh understanding of leadership."

Monica Brbich

Monica Brbich, Group Treasury Manager - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

“I saw the MBA as an opportunity to get a broad range of experience to then take that next step.”