ISOM department

Neda Pourreza is in the third year of a PhD programme with the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management at the Business School.

Key facts

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy
Department: Information Systems and Operations Management

My research is in the healthcare sector – I am studying processes and challenges in the Middlemore Hospital emergency department. This practical industry research connects me with people and allows me to learn more and really help.

Neda Pourreza

“When I was thinking about where to do my PhD, New Zealand seemed like a country with a lot of challenging research opportunities. I looked for universities that were well-regarded globally, and the Business School’s high position on the Times Higher Education Rankings led me to apply.

“My background is in supply chain management and coordination, operations research and management. After I contacted him to learn more about the programme, Dr Valery Pavlov from the Information Systems and Operations Management department helped me through the application process and became my supervisor. He’s very involved and a good leader, supporting and guiding me through my PhD.

“I really like the structure of the PhD programme at the Business School, everything is clearly laid out and planned from beginning to end. I have a great relationship with my supervisor who helps me to navigate my research and know what I need to do and where I need to be.”