Data and Insights Analyst at Tradify

After seeing the potential for growth in the data industry, Thomas decided to major in Business Analytics alongside Marketing.

Tom Howe, Business Intelligence Analyst at Tradify
Tom Howe, Business Intelligence Analyst at Tradify

Key facts
Career: Business Intelligence Analyst
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: Information Management* and Marketing

"My BCom gave me the foundational skills of business and the opportunity to further my interest in data and trend analysis. It has helped me moved confidently into new situations and environments, as I am now knowledgeable in the underlying systems and data functionality.

I could see there was ongoing relevance as the job market evolves in the area of data and its management. 

Thomas Howe

"The courses in my second and third year were practical and taught me several programming languages, database structures, logical algorithms, data visualisations and contextual use of data. These are core elements for dashboard creation, database management and improving stakeholder engagement, which I use regularly in my work at Vend.

“Throughout my University experience I was able to participate in a wide variety of clubs and organisations. The Business School has a vested interest in its student success programmes and offers a wide range of opportunities, through co-curricular activities and partnerships with the business community."

*This major is now called Business Analytics