Innovation and Product Management

This specialisation develops a diverse set of skills to innovate, modify or enhance existing products and services.


This specialisation within the Master of Business Development focuses on innovation and product management, which is a key part of business development.

Innovation management is vital to shaping the culture and processes required for innovation success. Product management looks at how to effectively lead and manage the development of new products and services, and eventually launch into a new market.

As such, an interdisciplinary approach that combines strategy, design, leadership, and marketing is required. You will sharpen your knowledge and skills in customer insight, market assessment, translating business-to-technical requirements, sustainable products, resource allocation, developing business cases, monitoring product performance and many other topics.

Innovation and Product Management is most suited to professionals working in innovation or product management, including New Product Development (NPD), as well as entrepreneurs and aspiring founders of enterprises.

What can you study in Innovation and Product Management?

180 points: Taught

You will complete 11 courses, part-time, over three years.

Part I: Perspectives on business development

Part 1 sets the scene for how your role in business development links to and works with the organisation and its markets. You will gain the knowledge, skills and language to effectively work across the organisation.


60 points (four courses) from:

• Business in a Changing World (BUSDEV 711)
• Financial Management (BUSDEV 712)
• Sustainable Value Chains (BUSDEV 713)
• Managing Creativity and People (BUSDEV 714)
• Contemporary Marketing (BUSDEV 715)

Part II: Specialisation

Part 2 allows students to focus in on and gain knowledge and skills in a specialist area of business development.

Innovation and Product Management

You will develop knowledge and skills that are in-demand by large companies and start-ups alike. The programme will also appeal to aspiring founders who want to gain a better understanding of the product development process.

60 points (four courses) from:

• Innovation Management and Strategy (BUSDEV 721)
• New Product Development Processes (BUSDEV 722)
• Product Management (BUSDEV 723)
• Designing for Sustainability (BUSDEV 724)
• Business Analytics (BUSDEV 731)

Part III: Capstone and applied project

The programme culminates with a large applied project in business development delivered through an interdisciplinary team. To build your capacity to undertake such a project you will work on developing your skills in managing yourself and your team, before looking at how you manage collaborative projects. With these skills in your toolbox you will undertake an applied project in your chosen specialisation.


60 points:

• Personal and Team Leadership (BUSDEV 780)
• Managing Collaborative Projects (BUSDEV 781)
• Capstone Project (BUSDEV 782A)
• Capstone Project (BUSDEV 782B)

* Note: All courses are 15 points each. The Capstone Project consists of BUSDEV 782A and BUSDEV 782B, equivalent to 30 points.

Where can Innovation and Product Management take you?

When you graduate with this specialisation, you could advance to management or leadership roles in your organisation. Some roles related to this specialisation include:

  • Product Development/NPD Manager
  • Product Management Consultant
  • Engineer
  • Entrepreneur