Postgraduate study

Explore your postgraduate study options at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, meet our academic advisors, and find out about current research projects.

Our postgraduate programmes are jointly administered by the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Note that the following qualifications (PGDipSci, MSci, MHSc and PhD with Optometry as a specialisation) do not qualify for registration as an Optometrist in New Zealand or Australia.

Postgraduate research topics

Here you’ll find a list of research topics and interests offered at the doctorate (PhD), masters and honours level with supervisors from the school.


Research Topics Supervisor/s details
Age related nuclear cataract: the role of Nrf2 control in the lens Dr Julie Lim
Professor Paul Donaldson
Development of aids for colour deficient optometrists Dr Misha Vorobyev
Botox: as a tool for eye therapy? Dr Monica Acosta


Research Topics Supervisor/s details
TRP channel expression profiles in the lens Professor Paul Donaldson
Dr Rosica Petrova
The CGAP KO mouse: a tool for understanding
redox regulation in the lens
Dr Julie Lim
Professor Paul Donaldson


Research Topics Supervisor/s details
Are TRP channels functional active in the core of the lens   Professor Paul Donaldson
Biological clocks in the eye: regulation of antioxidant homeostasis by circadian rhythms Dr Julie Lim
Professor Paul Donaldson
Inter-tissue cross talk in the eye:exosome communication between the front and the back of the eye Dr Julie Lim
Investigation of physiological mechanisms that regulate normal eye growth Dr John Phillips
Investigation of methods for Inhibition of myopia progression in children Dr John Phillips
Colour deficiency and colour judgement Dr Misha Vorobyev
Vesicular transport in eye diseases Dr Monica Acosta
Neurochemistry of an animal model of
retinal degeneration
Dr Monica Acosta
Biological glass: The molecular and cellular determinations of the optical properties of the ocular lens Dr Ehsan Vaghefi
Emmetropization in invertebrate eyesVisual function in virtual reality Dr Phil Turnbull
Digital design of therapies to combat age related nuclear cataract Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

Find out more about working with our leading academic researchers on potential thesis topics at FindaThesis.  

Academic Advisers

Clinical Masters (MHSc)

Dr John Phillips
Senior Lecturer, Acting Head of School Semester 2 2018
Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 6073

Research Masters (MSc) / PhD

Dr Monica Acosta
Senior Lecturer
Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 6069

Help and Advice

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