Online resources

We support and empower staff to gain the knowledge and skills to make best use of technologies in their teaching and learning, including online resources for professional development.

FMHS Everything Teaching

The FMHS Everything Teaching site links you to the myriad resources and support related to teaching and learning at the faculty and across the wider University. It includes best practice information about teaching and learning and aligned to this information is access to a newly designed and separate FMHS Teaching Portfolio.

FMHS Teaching Portfolio

The FMHS Teaching Portfolio is an online teaching portfolio space where you can keep a record of your teaching activities for use in performance reviews, application for promotion and continuation. It is designed around University policy, performance standards and criteria, guiding you to consider ways you might enhance your teaching and document your development plans in relation to these.

Note: If you used the portfolio spaces provided in the ‘old’ FMHS Teaching and Learning Hub you may still access that site, however we suggest you export a copy of those entries and continue to document your teaching in the new FMHS Teaching Portfolio.