Equity and Diversity Committee

Meet the people working behind the scenes to make our faculty a more equitable place.

The Equity and Diversity Committee of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences works to:

  • Ensure that our faculty is a fair and inclusive place to work and study
  • Develop, promote and monitor strategies within our faculty and the wider University community to provide equal opportunities for staff and students
  • Build work and study environments where everyone has a chance to reach their potential
  • Celebrate diversity within our faculty

Meet the committee


Emma Sadera
Paewai Whakaako Ngaio | Professional Teaching Fellow
Manupiri Tōkeke | Associate Dean (Equity and Diversity)
Īmēra: e.sadera@auckland.ac.nz
FMHS Education


Lillian Ng (she/her/ia)
Pouako Matua| Senior Lecturer Psychological Medicine
Īmēra: lillian.ng@auckland.ac.nz
School of Medicine

Stuti Misra (she/her)
Pouako Matua | Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology
Īmēra: s.misra@auckland.ac.nz
School of Medicine

Trudi Aspden (she/her)
Pouako Matua |Senior lecturer Pharmacy
Īmēra: t.aspden@auckland.ac.nz
School of Pharmacy

Jacqui Hannam (she/her/ia)
Pouako Matua | Senior Lecturer
Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology
Īmēra: j.hannam@auckland.ac.nz
School of Medical Sciences

Jacqueline Ramke

Ahonuku | Associate Professor
Īmēra: j.ramke@auckland.ac.nz
School of Optometry and Vision Science

Manisha Sharma
Pouako Matua | Senior Lecturer
Īmēra: Manisha.sharma@auckland.ac.nz
School of Pharmacy

Anushree Ram
Ratonga Pūmātauranga | Academic Services Manager
Īmēra: a.ram@auckland.ac.nz

Sue Kistanna
Kaiwhakahaere Ratonga ā-Rōpū | Group Services Coordinator
Īmēra: s.kistanna@auckland.ac.nz

Joanna Ting Wai Chu
Paewai Rangahau | Senior Research Fellow
Īmēra: jt.chu@auckland.ac.nz
School of Population Health

Gerhard Sundborn
Pouako Matua | Senior Lecturer
Īmēra: g.sundborn@auckland.ac.nz
Pacific Health

Gigi Lim

Pouako Matua | Senior Lecturer
Īmēra: g.lim@auckland.ac.nz
School of Nursing

John Egan
Director – Learning Tech Unit
Īmēra: j.egan@auckland.ac.nz
FMHS Education

Student Representatives

Jess Kelly (she/they)
FMHS Postgraduate Students Association (FMHS PGSA) Representative
Doctoral student, Centre for Brain Research
Īmēra: jess.kelly@auckland.ac.nz

Ariana Andrews (she/her/ia)

FMHS Postgraduate Students Association (FMHS PGSA) representative
School of Population Health, Te Kupenga Hauora Māori
Īmēra: ariana.andrews@auckland.ac.nz

Student Services Representatives

Annaliese Slade (she/her/ia)
Poutaki Whanaketanga, Kōtui Tauira | Student Development and Engagement Manager
Īmēra: annaliese.slade@auckland.ac.nz

Daniel Waru Heke (he/him/ia)
Kaitohutohu Ratonga Tauīra | Student Support Adviser
Īmēra: d.heke@auckland.ac.nz

Lucy Barnes (she/her/ia)

Kaitohutohu Tautoko Tauira | Student Support Adviser
Waea mahi: +64 (09) 923 8942
Īmēra: lucy.barnes@auckland.ac.nz